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The Adventure Picture Frame is a flat decorative furniture item, a bit less in size than a block, that can be crafted and then placed on walls, floors or ceilings.

To unlock the crafting recipe for this item, an Adventure Gate has to be crafted first.

To craft one Adventure Picture Frame, you'll need (as of R40 in March 2017):

The images displayed in the Adventure Picture Frame are often a bit darker than images in the Arc Adventure Picture Frame.

Currently, an Adventure Picture Frame will at first fleetingly display a scenery of an old Creativerse world, then it will change to a randomly chosen Creativerse artworks or "official" screenshots made by Playful, for example images of Creatures; like a Pigsy, a Rockster, a Leafi or a Chizzard.

After placing an Adventure Picture Frame into the world (on walls, floors or ceilings), it can be rotated and activated (by right-clicking on it or typing "f" as the default key).

When activated, a window will open that will list a selection of Creativerse artworks to choose from (since R41 on May 1st 2017).

Formerly, pictures of Adventures made by other players that you have completed were listed so you could choose one of those to be displayed in this frame as a decorative image and a souvenir.

        Picture frames that were hung up / placed before May 1st 2017 can still display Adventure images, however they are buggy and will sometimes be reset to another image, like the old Creativerse gameworld mentioned above.

To play an Adventure, simply click on the button "Adventures" in the starting menu of the game instead of choosing a gameworld. It is not required to create Adventures yourself to add new pictures to the list of images available for Adventure Picture Frames.

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