Arcstone R28
Creativerse Keepa alarm1001
Creativerse Arcstone on Shelf02
Creativerse Arcstone in Pot and Planter at night01
Creativerse Arcstone in Pot and Planter daylight02

As of April 2017, Arcstones can only be obtained from Keepas, Silver Keepas or Golden Keepas.

While common blue Keepas usually only yield 1-5 Arcstones at a time, Silver Keepas can yield up to 30 Arcstones (only when killed), and Golden Keepas up to 50 Arcstones (also only when killed), perhaps rarely even more.

Golden Keepas occur most often on the Corruption layer, so you might want to hunt for them there (take some corrupted Food with you, also a few Healing Beacons and some ladders), however the other two types of Keepas also can be found most often on this same layer deep underground.

When a Keepa of any kind is near, a symbol that resembles an Arcstone will start to blink and "pulsate" with blue circles coming from it on your compass.

If you tame Silver Keepas or Golden Keepas, feed them and harvest from them, you can usually only obtain 1-5 Arcstones with each harvest, different from their loot that they will drop when they are hunted and killed.

Obtaining Arcstones is an unlocking requirement for several crafting recipes, like for Arctek Chests, Arc Adventure Picture Frames , Arctek Lanterns and Arctek Torches.

In former versions of Creativerse Arcstones could also be very rarely found in randomly spawning Wood Treasure Chests at night on the surface, but this is not the case any longer (as of April 2017).

Arcstones cannot be placed nor dragged into a quickslot nor directly into the world.

But they can be put on display on Wall Shelf StoneWall Shelves, in Planter Wood SingleWood Planters and in Planter ClayFlower Pots, on Hidden Temple Altars and of course also on the new Placemats.

Arcstones are used to craft
Armguards Lumite Lumite Armguards
Breastplate Lumite Lumite Breastplate
Leggings Lumite Lumite Leggings
Shoulder Lumite Lumite Pauldron
Sword Lumite Lumite Sword
Chest Arctek 01 Arctek Chest
Chest Arctek 02 Grand Arctek Chest
Torch Arctek 01 Arctek Torch
Torch Arctek 02 Grand Arctek Torch
Lantern Arctek 01 Arctek Lantern
Lantern Arctek 02 Grand Arctek Lantern
Table Arctek 01 Arctek Table
Table Arctek 03 Grand Arctek Table
Arc Delay Block Delay Gate
Arc Invert Block Inverter Gate
Arc Logic Block Bool Logic Gate
Arc Logic Block Int Number Comparison Gate

Arctek lights are not any brighter than the Gas Lamp, however their blueish light is rather unique. On the same space that arctek torches take up, player characters (and Creatures) can also go (which is the same for any kind of torches except Hidden Temple Torches), so these torches can be used to create air bubbles under water or light the way even in narrow corridors/mineshafts of only 1 block wide.

Arctek tables cannot be used as a storage and will not display anything either, but you can use them together with Placemats on top so it will look like your (up to 5) things are lying directly on the table.

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