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Ashenwood is a block of Wood with white bark and pale wooden core from an Ashenwood-tree.

Ashenwood-trees can be found in Forests, Woodlands and Grassland biomes, also in valleys and foothills of Mountain biomes.

This kind of tree has light green leaves and white bark; it can be found in different sizes from small and bushlike to slender medium size to 2x2 block-wide stems at its greatest height (not much more than medium).

Flower RedRed Flowers might grow on and amongst its leaves, and there also might be a beehive in its treetop sometimes. Nearly every automatic generated Ashenwood-tree has patches of Moss growing on it, however not as much as the (larger) Weepwood-trees.

Ashenwood-trees also can be grown by players from Saplings to an average slender size, though often without MossMoss, Flowers or Beehives. Flowers and Beehives may grow by themselves later on though, and Beehives can also be grown by players planting Beeswax QueenQueen Bees on Ashenwood.

Blocks of Ashenwood can be changed into Slab WoodWood Slabs or Stick WoodWood Rods in a ProcessorStation Sawmill. Ashenwood and Leaf AspenAshenwood Leaves can be used as Fuel Flames Burning Fuel for ForgesStation Forge too.

Ashenwood as well as Ashenwood Leaves can also be corrupted.
Grenade PoisonCorrupt Bombs or Wood CorruptedCorrupted Wood will turn them into Wood CorruptedCorrupted Ashenwood respectively Leaf CorruptedCorrupted Ashenwood Leaves. This will make them into Fuel Flames Burning Fuel of much higher quality.

Unprocessed Ashenwood can be used to craft a number of recipes in the Crafting Menu, like (as of R25 in November 2015):

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