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Autumn Leafi Leaf is a crafting material that can be obtained from Autumn Leafies of course, either by killing them or by taming them and harvesting from them after they have become your Pets.

There are three variants of Autumn Leafies that are of slightly different colors, but they will nonetheless all drop the same kind of spotted Autumn Leafi Leaves. You can find them in Forests spawning during (ingame-)daytimes around or on Moccha Autumnwood Leaves that often cover the ground under Autumnwood-trees. Rarely they can also be found around other trees like Ashenwood.

Autumn Leafies are peaceful surface-creatures, but will defend themselves if you try to tame them or even attack them. They do not seem to have any special attacks themselves. Additionally to their leaves they can also drop/give Flower AutumnwoodAutumnwood Flowers, blocks of Autumnwood leaves, BoneBones,

SinewSinews, Block Goo GreenGlobs of Goo and/or perhaps rarely LeatherLeather.

As of yet this material is of no use for any crafting-recipes and does not "unlock" any crafting-recipes either.

This material cannot be put into your quickbar and cannot be placed into the world. It also cannot be displayed on Wall Shelf StoneStone Wall Shelfs, Planter Wood SingleWood Planters nor Planter ClayFlower Pots (as of R26 in December 2015).

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