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"These were the windows in your 'Minimal Security Prison' concept. Strangely, the idea didn't see wide adoption."

The Barred Wood Window is a window with vertical wooden bars, that can be crafted after finding the according rare crafting Recipe.

This recipe is occasionally dropped by Canyon creatures like Trogs, Dustevils or Dried Leafies. It can also sometimes be harvested from these animals if they are your Pets (since R22 in September 2015).

Additionally to that, the crafting recipe can also be found in Wood Treasure Chests spawning on the solic surface blocks during night-times in darkness, perhaps (more rarely) also in Stone Treasure Chests and Obsidian Treasure Chests underground.

It is also possible to learn the recipe from player-made Adventures.

Even more rarely, the crafting Recipe for this block can be obtained from Things or Keepas of any kind either as a loot or pet-harvest.

To be permanently added to the crafting menu (and to be carried over to all other Creativerse gameworlds like all rare and store-bought Recipes), this recipe has to be learnt at first by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag or dragging it with the left mouse-button over your player character model on the right side of the inventory. 
Barred Wood Windows

To craft 4 Barred Wood Windows, you'll need:

If you place Barred Wood Windows next to each other, they will connect and form a larger window, as can be seen on the according picture in this article.

Since R44 (June 2017), windows can be rotated by pressing and holding r (as the default key) and moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button.

Different from doors, windows cannot be wired, opened nor locked.

Even though these windows are made of wood, they are fireproof and can even be placed into liquid Lava without catching fire - different from flammable Wood Windows.

Since R32 you won't need to equip any Power Cells to pick up Barred Wood Windows that have been placed into the world / into walls. Of course you won't be able to take such items on claims of other players (or in gameworlds) where your permission level is set low.

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