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The Bed is a usable piece of furniture that enables players to quickly skip either (the rest of) the day or the night. Since update R41 in May 2017, sleeping in a bed will also restore health.

You can craft Beds in your Crafting Menu (to be opened by typing the default key "Q").

To craft a basic Bed, you will need to unlock its crafting-recipe first by:

To craft one Bed you'll need:

Like all beds, you can use this basic bed (use your right mouse button while looking at it or type "F" as the default key to activate the bed) to quickly skip the rest of the day if it is daytime ingame or to skip the night if darkness has already fallen.

However, on multiplayer worlds it might become necessary for all currently active players to go to sleep at the same time in order to skip time. You will be notified in the chat whenever other players go to bed.

Despite the game advising you to not jump on the bed, you can give it a try if you like (no downsides to this noticed so far).

Right now, Beds - of all kinds, also Red Beds, Yellow Beds and Blue Beds - are fireproof. You can even place them into liquid Lava and they won't burn away.

Since update R32 you won't need to equip any Power Cells to pick up Beds that have been placed into the world. Of course you won't be able to take objects on claims or in gameworlds of other players where your permission level is set low.

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