Creativerse Elderwood Autumnwood Cragwood Ashenwood
Creativerse frozen desert biome001
Creativerse Weepwood large 93257
Creativerse Autumnwood17474
Creativerse Mountains18833
Creativerse Jungle between Savannah and Beach002

The Worlds of Creativerse are made of many different biomes.

Some - as you could say "official" - biomes are displayed by name in the top right corner of your screen as soon as you enter them with your player-character. Others are distinctive, but don't have their own names, like frozen oceans, shores, Autumnwood-groves, mineral-water-oases, ice-waterfalls, rivers with riverbanks and so on.

All of these biomes and layers can be found on every Creativerse-world, so you'll just have to go on hiking tours, swim across oceans and explore more to find all of them eventually.

Creativerse-worlds are 10,240x10,240 blocks large and you can check your location by writing // into the chat. Currently (R33 in August 2016) there are8 template-worlds that all Creativerse-gameworlds are being based on, plus the "standard" world for F2P-players - and the gameplay experience of players is different mainly because of their individual starting-(spawn-)points in each world.

For maps of the 8 Template Worlds, see:



  • Fossil layer, not far below the surface (including many Caves leading down there from the surface, rarely with ponds made of Tar)
  • Stalactite layer, even farther down, below the Fossil layer (with ponds and waterfalls made of Mineral Water and/or Tar)
  • Lava layer, found below the Stalactite layer (some larger caves also have ponds made of liquid Lava)
  • Corruption layer, the deepest layer of all current Creativerse-worlds, (made of "islands" within Corrupted Water and corrupted "trees", and rarely cataracts of liquid Lava falling from the Lava layer above)

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