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The Blazing Pie is a type of Food that you can only cook in a Cooking Station.

The one recipe you'll need to cook/bake all kinds of (!) Pies will be unlocked by taking ordinary Soup for the first time, which you can make with 2x ordinary Water or Molasses as a liquid plus 7 Vegetables ( 4x either Turnips or Crisphead Lettuce plus 3x either Turnips, Crisphead Lettuce, Horned Melons or any kind of Mushrooms). If you use Molasses, you can also use 3 Blizzard Chizzard Eggs or 3x Questionable Jerky to cook ordinary Soup.

No additional specific recipes will need to be unlocked to make Blazing Pie. After the basic Pie recipe for the Cooking Station has been unlocked, many different types of Pies - like Blazing Pie - can be made by clicking at the basic Pie recipe in the Cooking Station and then inserting different ingredients.

To cook 2 Blazing Pies at a time, you'll need (as of R32 in June 2016):

Also 1 Blizzard Chizzard Egg can be combined with Turnips, Lettuces, Mushrooms or 3 common Chizzard Eggs to bake a Blazing Pie, as long as liquid Lava is used too - and less than 4 Blizzard Chizzard Eggs in total.

When consuming a Blazing Pie (by putting it into a quickslot, choosing that quickslot and clicking your right mouse button or by dragging this food over your character's model on the right side of the inventory) your character will be granted a bonus of 150 points to their maximum health and fire damage will heal them for 15 minutes. Mind that the heat meter (dangerous environment hazard on the Lava layer) will not go down when consuming Blazing Pies though.

Only one Blazing Pie of a whole stack will automatically be consumed if you use a stack. If you eat more Blazing Pies (by right-clicking or dragging & dropping again) than one after another, the effect will merely set/prolonged to 15 minutes anew.

Mind that only common Soup will unlock the recipe for Pies. Cooking any other types of Soup (like Tar Soup or Bog Broth) will currently not unlock any new cooking recipes.

Pets who will in the future prefer to eat Blazing Pie will not provide you with their best harvest if you feed them any other types of Pies, like common Pies made with Turnips or Lettuce for example.

Other types of Pies can be made using the basic Pie recipe by inserting Wheat, different kinds Eggs, Vegetables and Liquids into a Cooking Station. Depending on the ingredients, many Pie variants can be cooked:

Wheat can be grown (with a Plow) from Wheat Seeds which can be occasionally obtained while harvesting Tallgrass or Savannah Tallgrass. You have to plant these seeds under fitting conditions (on tilled soil with Water nearby) to receive Wheat.

Chizzard Eggs can only be obtained from tamed Chizzards or Night Chizzards (spawning on Shores on Shorewood, in Jungles or more rarely in Canyons) after they have become your Pets and you have fed them their preferred type of Food.

Blizzard Chizzard Eggs can only be obtained from tamed Blizzard Chizzard Pets. Blizzard Chizzards usually spawn during the day on Snow in Taigas, Tundras, on frozen Oceans or frozen plains.

Questionable Jerky can be made in a Forge from either Chizzard Gizzard or Blizzard Chizzard Gizzard - these Gizzards can be obtained from any kind of Chizzard, either from their Loot Bags or by harvesting from them if they are your Pets.