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Creativerse Block of Goo00221

The Block of Goo is a green jelly-like bouncy building-block.

It can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q"), but only after the according rafting-recipe has been unlocked by

To craft 8 Blocks of Goo at a time, you'll need (as of R43 in May 2017):

Crafting or taking Blocks of Goo is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting recipe of Orange Block of Goo and Purple Block of Goo.

Blocks of Goo are fireproof. Even when throwing Fire Bombs at these blocks, they still will not go up in flames.

Blocks of Goo - just like their orange and purple variants - can be used as trampolines. If you place them on the ground your player character will not receive any falling damage when landing on them (similar to any kind of liquid). With a little practice you can also use them as a means to jump farther than usually possible, and such you can create "showjumping courses".

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