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The Blue Beacon is an item that can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q") or at old Crafting Tables (that still exist in worlds created before R22 on September 16th 2015).

Before it can be crafted you will have to learn the according crafting recipe from a rare Recipe Page that can found in either an Iron Treasure Chest, a Diamond Treasure Chest or can be obtained from the Thing as a loot or pet-harvest.

Once placed, the Blue Beacon will send a beam of blue light high up into the sky, even through many layers of ground. It does not shine downwards at the same time.

Beacons can be rotated though, also sideways to help with building large structures like they were long rulers.

Colored Beacons can be placed in a row which will "mix" their colors (for example: yellow + red = orange).

To craft 1 Blue Beacon you'll need (as of R22 in September 2015):

Wiring Input Icon
Blue Beacons can be wired up with activation devices like Switches, Pressure Plates, Number Pads or Sensors. Their interactivity can be toggled