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Blue Fireworks solely exist for a fun effect and will display blueish white firework high up in the sky.

Fireworks cannot be found in any Treasure Chests and cannot be obtained from any Creatures.

The crafting recipe for the blue firework can only be unlocked by buying the "Fireworks Pack" in the Store for Coins. It cannot be obtained in any other way.

To craft 4 Blue Fireworks at a time in your Crafting Menu (to be opened with the default key "Q") you will need:

Fireworks can be wired up with activation devices like Switches, Number Pads, Sensors or Pressure Plates. Fireworks will then serve as receivers and can be displayed by using such devices from a distance. When wired to an activated activation device, Fireworks will start to go off immediately.

However, Fireworks cannot be "locked", and their interactivity cannot be toggled nor defined with permission settings. Fireworks cannot be set off by Explosives, by fire, nor by using a "fuse" (like made from highly flammable Tar or Shredded Leaves).

Because of their animated effects being displayed in the sky, Fireworks cannot be rotated, neither sideways nor downwards. On the other hand, they can be placed underneath blocks and will still go off, will "shoot" through the blocks above them and will then "explode" in the sky.

Even if you place Firework on the ground, climb a ladder up to the highest altitude in the world that your player character can reach and then use an activation device to start the firework, you will still see the Firework being displayed up above your character's head, not somewhere below.

Fireworks can be put on display on Stone Wall Shelves, Hidden Temple Altars and Placemats.

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