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Creativerse bow tie black 2017-07-26 12-27-04-90 treasure chest
Creativerse bow tie black 2017-07-05 22-20-55-71 treasure chest
Creativerse bow tie black 2017-07-24 18-53-49-17 treasure chest
Creativerse bow tie black 2017-07-26 21-53-24-03 treasure chest

Black Bow Ties are an accessory for Pets in Creativerse.

You can find Bow Ties solely and only occasionally in Treasure Chests that will spawn randomly in dark places in range of view of player-characters on all Creativerse-worlds.

While Bow Ties and other Pet accessories can be found in all types of Treasure Chests from low tier Wood Treasure Chests (on surface blocks only at night) to high tier Diamond Treasure Chests (spawning on corrupted blocks); you cannot obtain them from any Creatures, and they cannot be crafted.

Bow Ties cannot be put into any quickslot nor placed directly into the gameworld, but they can be traded between players on the same gameworld and they count as a new discovery when found for the first time.

Similar to Top Hats you can put a Bow Tie on one of your Pets by clicking your right moust button or typing "f" (as the default-key) while looking at your chosen Pet, and then either use right-click on the Bow Tie in your inventory/bag or drag & drop it from your inventory/bag into the lower accessory-slot in the Pet window with the slightly brighter colored neck.

When Pets are dismissed, they will drop a Loot Bag with all accessories that they have worn, and the typical animal loot of the according species. However, if Pets should vanish because of a bug, the pet accessories will be lost.

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