Blocks are the cubical units that shape the game-worlds of Creativerse with their different biomes and layers.

This Category only lists Natural Blocks.

These Blocks can be picked up (some only by using the necessary kinds of Power Cells), can either be used in crafting-recipes or can be placed again into the world as they are and such will serve as building-material for all kinds of structures like houses, bridges, stairs, slopes, streets, statues, walls, etc.

Additional to that Creativerse offers a large number of fancy looking Building-blocks that you can craft yourself or can rarely find as gifts in Treasure Chests. For some of those you will have to find rare Recipes first before you can craft them.

In Creativerse you can also obtain and/or craft many materials and other stuff that might (or not) have the shape of blocks (in your inventory), but cannot be placed. This applies to most kinds of animal loot. However these can often be used for crafting or can even be consumed directly. Also liquids do not have the shape of blocks, but can still be placed and used in many different ways.

Placable items like crafting-stations usually do not look block-like in Creativerse and such shouldn't be called blocks either. Often they can be interacted with after being placed in the world. This includes doors, beds, furniture, storage chests, forge, processors, teleporters and many other objects.


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