Please note that ALL placeable blocks, objects, materials and liquids are infinite in Creativerse since they can be bought with Coins when purchasing building kits for Blueprints that can now be created and then customized by all players to duplicate every type of placeable stuff.

This means only very few materials and items are actually finite, such as Lumite Ore, Lumite (Bars) and non-placeable items made from Lumite, but also Obsidian Nodes, Iron Nodes and of course Lumite Nodes.

"Renewable" is a category that is revised and should only refer to materials, blocks and/or objects that can be created in endless amounts by transforming blocks or materials - like when Freeze Bombs, Fire Bombs or Corrupt Bombs are thrown, liquids or infinitely availably blocks are placed into cold or hot biomes and the like.

This category does not include all tree Flowers, Queen Bees or Red Mushrooms that slowly regrow by themselves, since players cannot influence their spawn rate much. However, specific blocks of Flowers can be duplicated by simply placing them and picking them up again, which will sometimes yield a bonus harvest. Liquids are automatically infinitely scoopable. The category "Renewable" also does not include Crops, Beeswax or certain trees that are Growable; nor Logs, Rimecones, Fallen Leaves etc. that are Plowable.

This category will not include Treasures from Treasure Chests nor Drops (animal loot) anymore, since both of these already have their own category. Pet Harvest additionally includes Chizzard Eggs, Blizzard Chizzard Eggs and Pigsy Droppings. Perhaps certain animal loot like Pumpkiru Candy would not even be considered infinitely by everyone since it can only be looted during event-times...