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The Checkpoint is a crafted item designed for use in Adventures. They are used to mark locations (Points of Interest or POIs) or to provide objectives that need to be completed. Checkpoints in an adventure will also show a marker on the compass to help point players in the right direction to their next objective or location.

Checkpoints can be activated by various methods (e.g. by pressing F, walking over a Pressure Plate, activating a Switch or Sensor), to advance the player through the adventure.

Checkpoints can also output a signal upon activation.  This can be used to trigger events when a checkpoint is reached.  (e.g. Triggering a Block Phaser to open or seal a passage, providing a reward using a Loot Spawner, or activating an Arc Sign to aid story telling)

In order to craft a Checkpoint, you will first need to craft or pick up

To craft a Checkpoint, you need

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