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This article is about Redemption Codes for free item bundles, not about Admin Controls nor about Chat Commands (Controls). These codes are always time-limited and can only be redeemed once per player/Steam account.

Please note that there are no codes, controls nor chat commands in Creativerse that will provide you, other players or the game world with infinite blocks or items of any kind.

Basic Information Edit

Redemption Codes (also called "Promo Codes", "Bundle Codes", "Redeem Codes" or the like) are words that can be entered ingame in the Store menu after clicking on the button "Redeem" in order to claim a bunch of free blocks and items on one game world of your choice.

You will then find the redeemed items (and/or blocks) in your inventory/bag (to be opened with "e" as the default key) listed in the section "bundles" that will only then be created for this purpose.

As mentioned, you can only claim each of these bundles/packs on one game world of your choice. This does not have to be a game world that you yourself own/have created.

Usually each code can only be claimed once and will afterwards "expire" for the according Creativerse account (user name). Only under very rare circumstances the developers might allow you to redeem the same code once more (like if a bug has prevented you from obtaining the items/bundle).

Where to find redemption codes Edit

Redemption codes can be obtained by watching and taking part in live streams of Playful on or by watching certain streams or videos presenting Creativerse, for example on or on Twitch

Sometimes you will find time-limited redemption codes on the official forums (usually right after a new update has arrived or during holidays) or on Creativerse twitter: or facebook or other social media pages.

Why have some codes expired? Edit

Please note that ALL such codes can only be redeemed for a limited timespan. Then they will expire.

  • Sponsored video codes usually will be valid for 3 months
  • Non-sponsored video codes usually will be valid for 1 month
  • Codes given during Playful's own live streams on twitch will often only be given to the one player who repeats a code or gives the correct reply the fastest on the twitch chat during the ongoing live stream

How to get redemption codes as a YouTuber/Streamer Edit

If you want to create a stream or video in order to share redeem codes and/or to get sponsored, you can simply email Playful via

Many YouTubers who have offered to create a video or live stream dedicated to Creativerse (the more enthusiastic, the better), no matter if they had just started to play the game, have been granted promo codes that they were allowed to give away, and often free DLCs for themselves too.

So the chances are good that you will be asked to choose the specific items for the item pack/bundle (as well as the amount) that you can then share with your audience via redemption code - or else the Creativerse community managers will choose the items if you should prefer this.

Of course you will not be granted items or blocks that do not even exist in the game, nor crazy amounts of stuff.

Currently it does not seem like tradeable crafting recipes nor Coins for the Store can be provided via redemption code for promoters; usually it's just free items/blocks.

However, Playful themselves rarely bestowed Codes for the Rainbownator 5000 to players that has then added the according crafting recipe to the crafting menu instead of only granting the crafted sword itself.

Do not ask for specific codes here! Edit

Instead please simply click on the links leading to the videos and live streams that you can find above.

Also please refrain from posting redemption codes in comments below this thread, since these codes are going to expire anyways and such might only lead to frustration for Wiki users. For this reason such comments will most likely be deleted very quickly.

And again: this Wiki is not read nor commented by the developers at Playful. So please refrain from asking in this Wiki for sponsoring of your videos, live streams and the like. Wiki creators/admins cannot grant that to you.