You can access the controls for the game by hitting the "ESC"-key on your keyboard and choosing "Game Settings", and then choose "Controls" (rightmost Tab on top).

Keybindings Edit

Key Customizable? Description
Mouse0 (left button) Yes With gauntlet: dig, pull (take) blocks, liquids, items, plants, harvest from Pets, push any Creature except Pets of other players. With weapon: attack/swing. With tool (Taming Collar, Washer, Plow, Wiring Tool): use on creatures, pets, fitting blocks or plants, or wireable objects respectively
Mouse1 (right button) Yes Place block or placeable item from quickslot, use usable objects (open/close door, open storage container, switch on/off lamp, open forge, processor, cooking station to fill/use), activate ativatable objects/devices, check pet window
1 - = (or ´) Yes Quick slot select. Then use right-click to place blocks and placable items/objects, consume consumables (like Mushrooms), throw Explosives or other throwables like Rimecones
W Yes Move forwards
S Yes Move backwards
A Yes Left side-step
D Yes Right side-step
Space Yes Jump
Shift Yes Sprint, or boost when gliding. Will use up stamina. With no stamina left, the player character will slow down again automatically
Tab Yes Cycle between mining gauntlet, weapon and tool (if equipped)
E Yes Open inventory (also called "Menu"). You can then use the Tabs on top to select Crafting, Map, Blueprints or Store (up above) from here too
Q Yes Crafting (also has the other Tabs on top)
M Yes Map (and area map by clicking on the magnifying glass)
ESC No Game Settings, World information and settings ("Edit World" below the image, camera symbol to change image), Player overview, Main Menu (Exit the World), Help (will open a webpage in the standard browser)
T Yes Opens the Touchstone menu to permit teleporting to available placed touchstones within 5 seconds or to reclaim your own touchstone
F Yes Use/interact with the world (open Crafting Stations or Storage Containers, activate or switch on/off "electric" Devices, check Pets, open Treasure Chests, etc.)
C Yes Crouch. Permits for safe walking, in most cases disallowing the player-characters to fall off of the block level they are on
Alt Yes Mouse Unlock
Return or Enter Yes Chat
Backspace Yes Chat reply
Delete Yes Delete block/item/material or stack of blocks/items/materials
O Yes View Mode: 3rd person view as long as the player-character does not move
Y Yes Ask Pet to follow you
I Yes Ask Pet that follows you to stay at the spot you're looking/pointing at
/ Yes Start a Chat Command (list of commands below)
Z Yes Drop
R Yes Rotate (either toggle on/off to define a specific rotation position, or hold down to then rotate the block with the mouse)
NumLock Yes Autorun (and automatically swim forward) until stopped by unevenness
N Yes Inspect Wires (only with Wiring Tool equipped)
V Yes Toggles the display of Wires on/off
K Yes Cut Wire / break links between electric devices
G Yes Use Glider or deactivate glider while flying
L Yes Toggle Flashlight on/off

Updated Controls Edit

Creativerse R41,5 default keys2 2017-05-11 15-49-48-91
Creativerse R41,5 default keys 2017-05-11 15-49-48-91
Creativerse R41,5 default keys3 2017-05-11 15-49-48-91
  • 1-´ ... Quick Slot Select (key can be customized)
  • Esc ... access the System Menu and World Options
  • w ... Go Forward (key can be customized)
  • s ... Go Backwards (key can be customized)
  • a ... Go Left (key can be customized)
  • d ... Go Right (key can be customized)
  • Space ... Jump (key can be customized)
  • Shift ... Sprint (key can be customized) - as long as this key is held down (key can be customized). Sprinting will use up stamina, and when the stamina has run out, then the character will slow down again automatically
  • ... the "Sprint" key can also be held down to boost your Glider. When holding the "Go Forward" key ("w" by default) and the "Sprint" key at the same time, the glider will soar high up and use up Stamina in the process. When the stamina has run out, the character will slow down and also glide upwards again immediately
  • ... by holding down the "Sprint" key, you can also craft 5 times the usual amount of items in your crafting menu, the Processor, the Forge and the Cooking Station
  • "Dig" = Left Mouse Button (Mouse0) ... will let you use the item currently in hand. This setting can also be changed
  • ... while wearing the ArcTek Gauntlet powered by Power Cells, you can pick up blocks (or items, liquids, crops etc.) with the Left Mouse Button (default)
  • ... while wearing the ArcTek Gauntlet, you can push away Creatures too with the Left Mouse Button (default) (which can make some Creatures act aggressively towards your player character afterwards, so beware)
  • ... while having drawn a Weapon (currently only Swords are available), you can click the Left Mouse Button (default) to hit a Creature (or player in PvP). To throw a ranged weapon like Rimecones or Explosives though, put them into a quickslot, select this and use the Right Mouse Button (default) while aiming at a Creature (or player or spot) with the crosshairs
  • ... while having a Tool currently in hand, you can use this with the Left Mouse Button (default).
  • With a Taming Collar in hand, aim at a Creature until you see a green X and hold down the Left Mouse Button (default) to start taming (Caution: this can make many Creatures aggressive).
  • With a Plow in hand, aim at a plowable block like Dirt, Grass or Mud and hold down the Left Mouse Button (default) to create tilled land so you can plant Seeds there that will grow into Crops (with Water close by). Aim at other blocks like Ashenwood, Elderwood Leaves, Snow etc. to transform them (refer to the article Plow for details)
  • With a Wiring Tool in hand, aim at a wirable device or machine, best at a visible Receive Hotspot or Send Hotspot and click the Left Mouse Button (default) to access their storage space (if existent). To check and/or configure settings, use the Right Mouse Button (default) though
  • "Place" = Right Mouse Button (Mouse1) ... (customizable) places blocks, liquids, items and other placable stuff from a selected quickslot onto the spot that the crosshair cursor aims at (to select a quickslot, either use the according number-key, click on the slot with the inventory open, or scroll through the quickslots with your mousewheel)
  • ... uses/activates usable objects like storage containers, crafting stations, lamps, activation devices, certain machines or Pets in the game-world that you aim at with the crosshairs and lets you look at and configure their settings, if existent, and if you have the necessary permission rank
  • ... plants Seeds from a selected quickslot on tilled land while aiming at it with the crosshairs
  • ... lets your player character instantly consume consumables like potions, mushrooms, perfume or food from a selected quickslot, except if there still is a cooldown in affect
  • ... throws throwable stuff like Explosives, Rimecones or Snowcubes from a selected quickslot towards a spot where the crosshairs aims at (please consider the trajectory though), except on gameworlds and/or claims where the "Explosives" option is disabled
  • ... equips weapons, tools or armor from the inventory into the according equipment slot on the right side of your inventory
  • ... lets your player character learn a new found rare crafting Recipe from a book or page (by right-clicking them in your inventory)
  • ... puts stuff/stacks from the quickslot that you click on into your open inventory
  • ... places things from the open inventory into a currently selected empty quickslot or the next empty quickslot. Please note that some things cannot be put in the quickbar, like crafting-materials
  • ... also send things from your inventory or from quickslots into storage containers, display objects or crafting-stations when they are activated/open (Forge, Processor, Cooking Station) and the stuff you want to move is compatible/processable
  • drag & drop with the left mouse button ... can often be used as an alternative to right-click, but might not always work so well
  • ... lets your player character learn a new found rare crafting Recipe or use any consumables by dragging these from the open inventory over your character-model on the right side
  • ... and hold Left Shift (not the "Sprint" key that you have defined) and drag will move half a stack
  • ... if you hold a stack of stuff with your left mouse button over the destination area/slot, then click your right mouse button, this will drop one piece of a stack into a quickslot, a container, a crafting-station, etc. When consuming, throwing or feeding a pet, only one item from a stack will be used by default anyway, so using the right mouse button is more advisable
  • hold down Left Shift (not the "Sprint" key though) and click your right mouse button to move five items to slots
  • hold down Left Ctrl (key can be customized = "Modifier1") and click your right mouse button to move only one item to slots
  • Please note that you cannot place more than one block on the ground at a time though (yet)
  • e ... ("Menu") opens the Inventory / Bag (key can be customized) - also provides access to the Tabs (above) for Crafting, Map, Blueprints and the Store
  • q (Q)... opens the Crafting Menu (key can be customized)
  • t ... Touchstone menu (key can be customized) - lets you choose either your touchstone or any of all players' touchstones that permit you to teleport to them, any you can reclaim your touchstone as well
  • ... double typing the "Touchstone" key will transport/teleport you to your own Touchstone (if placed) within seconds unless interrupted by moving or being attacked
  • f ... Interact (key can be customized) - as an alternative to right click this key interacts with certain interactable objects in the gameworld, like crafting stations, storage containers, activation devices, lamps an some machines, as well as Pets
  • m ... Map (key can be customized) - opens your area Map. Click on the magnifying glass to switch to the world overview map. You can also spot claimed areas colored according to your permission setting there, your nearby Pets and other players on the map if there are any
  • c ... Safe Walk (key can be customized) - by crouching, your character won't fall off most blocks and such can safely add more blocks to a bridge or the like
  • NumLock ... AutoRun (or even better AutoSwim) (key can be customized) until being stopped by an obstacle (one block is sufficient), does not work when flying a Glider
  • ~ ... Take a Screenshot within the game (key can be customized)
  • Tab ... Cycle Mode (Mining/Harvesting <-> Using Weapon <-> Using Tool) (key can be customized) - draws a sword or tool automatically, or switches back to Mining Cell
  • g - Glider (key can be customized) - start flying and use your "Go Forward" key to fly up for a short while, the "Go Backwards" key to fly down, "Go Left" and "Go Right" to sway to either side (only for "Pro" players as mentioned)
  • l (L) - Flashcube (floating light) - turn your Flashlight either on or off (key can be customized) (only for "Pro" players)
  • v - shows or hides wires (toggle) while Wiring Tool is equipped (key can be customized)
  • n - ("Inspect") opens the configuration menu of devices and machines (key can be customized) when a Wiring Tool is equipped and your crosshairs points at a device/machine (mainly at either a Receive Hotspot or a Send Hotspot)
  • - breaks wires while Wiring Tool is equipped and the crosshair cursor points at a Hotspot of a device or machine (key can be customized)
  • h - "Pro" ... this control seemingly doesn't do anything as of April 2017
  • r ... Rotation' (key can be customized) - hold this key and the left mouse button too while targeting a block with the crosshairs, then move the mouse to rotate the block
  • or tap (!) r while targeting a (rotated) block to lock this rotation - additional blocks in the quickslot you have selected will now be placed in the same "angle" so you won't have to rotate each block one at a time. Tap r again to "unlock" the rotation
  • Kindly note that not all blocks and objects can be rotated into every direction (some furniture objects can only be rotated sideways for example, windows cannot be laid down yet, etc.) and containers must be emptied before they can be rotated
  • (undefined by default) ... TABLeft and TABRight - both keys are for cycling through Weapon <-> Tool <-> Mining Cell
  • Return (Enter) ... Open the Chat (and start to write)
  • Backspace ... Start Chatreply
  • Left Alt ... MouseUnlock
  • BackQuote ... Camera (Ingame Screenshot)
  • / (Slash) ... Start Command - if you write chatcommands (see below for a list and details) into the chat starting with this key, certain functions can be executed
  • Del (Delete key) ... Delete an item/stack of stuff from your selected quickslot while pointing the cursor on it. One item (also block, liquid) will immediately be deleted, however before 2 or more stacked items are being deleted, a window will prompt you to confirm your wish to delete them
  • z ... Drop on item (from a stack) from a selected quickslot into a player bag (please note that this bag is similar to a loot bag of a Creature, so if left alone by everyone, it will quickly vanish)
  • o ... View Mode - lets you see your player character from 3rd person view and circle it with the camera, but only while standing still. Moving the character will let you return to 1st person view
  • y ... CommandFollow for your Pets - lets all your Pets close by follow your player character (also through teleporters and to your touchstone if you teleport there)
  • i ... CommandStay for your Pets - lets all your Pets walk and stay where your crosshair cursor is pointing at (a spot on the ground)
  • u ... CommandWander for your Pets - lets Pets "wander" around. The bug that lets wandering Pets vanish should be fixed now, but you'll use this function at your own risk!

Chat Commands Edit

All chat commands are prefixed with a / character.

Command Description
/help shows a list of all available commands
// shows exact coordinates of the player on the game world (x/y/z like in devices)
/who lists player characters present on the current game world
/stuck Unsticks the player. Can also be used while falling down. If stuck at a corner or on stairs, try jumping once. At the top end of ladders try stepping back (down) and going forward (up) again when stuck
/hud toggles the UI on/off for screenshots or simply a nicer view
/permissions shows your current permissions on this world and/or claim
/promote (visitor/builder/mod) sets permission/authority level of listed players
/w (playername) (message) sends a whisper to (playername) with the message (message)
/r (message) reply to the last player who sent a whisper
/party invite (playername) invites a player to a party
/party accept accepts a party invite
/p (message) sends a message to all players that are part of the own party
/party decline declines a party invite
/party kick (playername) kicks a player out of the party
/party leave leaves the current party
/sim displays the position of the player on the current "chunk" (part of an area)
/tutorial on turns tutorial events on (default)
/tutorial off turns tutorial events off
/tutorial reset resets all tutorials, causing them to happen again
/pulleffect 0/1 toggles the visual block pulling effect - 0 for off, 1 for on
/placeeffect 0/1 toggles the visual block placing effect - 0 for off, 1 for on
/ignore (playername) disables messages of this player in the chat
/ignoreall disables the chat completely
/unignore (playername) shows chat messages of a formerly ignored player again
/ban (playername) bans a player from your world (enables to reclaim their claims)
/unban (playername) allows formerly banned player to re-enter the world
/setspawn set a specific spawn point for all new players on your world
/kill lets your player character commit suicide, does not kill Creatures/Mobs
/mute mute a player (disable their chat messages) on your world
/request (playername) ask for higher permission level on a player's claim
/temperature (outdated) displays the exact temperature of blocks, air and adjacent blocks
/toxicity displays the toxicity of the current position
/publish_world make your world publicy accessible for other players to join
/resetprefs resets your preference settings
/like like this world (as long as it's not one of your own game worlds)

Chat commands Edit


  • Creativerse R41,5 chat commands 2017-05-11 17-32-26-02
    to learn your exact location in the world, type // into the chat (and press "Enter"/"Return" which goes for all chat-commands). First number is the longitute X from East to West (+ 5,120 -), the second number is altitude from the bottom of the world (0) to the highest point (255), the third number is the Y latitude from North to South (+ 5,120 -)
  • if you should get stuck anywhere, type /stuck to break free. However if it should happen in a corner, on ladders or on stairs, merely jumping once or stepping back will usually set you free again. This will not kill your player character and does not induce teleporting to the Touchstone
  • type /hud to hide the UI (for making better screenshots) - and type the same command once more to return the UI
  • /who will list all players who are currently present on the same gameworld as you are on
  • /ignore (playername) will let you ignore another player's chatting. You can also /unignore (playername) that player later on if you like, or even /ignoreall 
  • /tutorial (on) (off) (reset) will let you stop tutorial-tips or restart the tutorial
  • /ban (playername) or /kick (playername) will let you ban respectively temporarily kick a player from your own gameworld; later on you can /unban (playername) that player again if you so wish. Only world owners and admins can ban and kick players of lower permission ranks
  • /mute (playername) lets you mute a player on your own gameworld in the chat. Only world owners, world mod(erator)s and admins can mute players of lower permission ranks 
  • /setspawn lets you decide at which spot on your own gameworld visitors will arrive at when they log in for the first time  
  • /permissions will reveal your personal permission rank on the current gameworld and/or claim (claim first if you're currently on any claim)
  • " /promote (visitor) (builder) (mod) (admin) " - shows you a list of players on the current gameworld so that you can promote (or demote) anyone on your own gameworld from visitor to builder, moderator or admin... Please note that you can alternatively click on the button "Player" displayed under the world settings when typing "ESC" to manage players more easily. Only world owners and admins can promote (or demote) players of lower permission ranks 
  • " /w (playername) (message) " will send a "whispered" message to another player that all others cannot read
  • " /r (message) " - "whisper back" (reply) to a player who just sent you a whisper
  • /sim will show you the position of the chunk - piece of land - that you're on
  • " /party invite (playername) " - lets you invite a player to a party, /party accept or /party decline will let you accept or decline a party invitation. With "/party leave” you can leave your current party
  • " /p (message) " - the main reason to form a party currently: with this command you can chat only with members of your party (team-"channel") and others won't be able to listen in
  • /kill - feeling suicidal? This will NOT kill any mobs nor other players, only your own character 
  • /quests - lets you manage the checkpoint tasks of your own adventure (type /quests help to see all the available subcommands) 
  • for more commands type /help 

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