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This is an aggressive variant of Chizzards that can be found in the Corruption Layer and will spawn on any kind of "natural" solid corrupted block (including corrupted leaves and corrupted grass that only players can produce).

Health 1000 health points (250 hits with a Twig)
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 50 seconds
Attack(s): Talon strike: Chizzard "flies" in place, striking at players with both of its talons.

Dive Bomb: Chizzard "flies" around in a figure 8 pattern, then dives towards players, squawking angrily. Deals knockback, and may stun players. Can also deal additional corruption damage occasionally, mainly when using their special attacks.

Location: Corruption layer during day and night

Corrupted Chizzards can only spawn in darkness during day and night, but will not be hurt by sunlight.

Mineral Water, Healing Beacons and Purification Bombs can kill these Creatures (like all corrupted creatures), and they are able to drown, freeze and burn to death too. If they die from such "natural" causes they won't drop any Loot Bags though.

Tamed Corrupted Chizzards as Pets will NOT provide you with Chizzard Eggs like other Chizzard-types (Chizzard, Night Chizzard, Blizzard Chizzard) will do.

Instead you can obtain different materials and things from this Chizzard, either by killing it or taming it and harvesting from it after it has become your Pet:

Corruption Dust

Chizzard Gizzard

Basic Health Potions


and occasionally also Globs of Goo and Bones like so many other creatures, including corrupted ones.

Corrupted Chizzards take 5 hits to die with a Lumite Sword (As of R40), and deal 100 damage to a player equipped with a full set of Lumite Armor.

Taming time for the Corrupted Chizzard and all other Corrupted Creatures other than the Thing is 50 seconds.

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