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Corrupted Leafies can be found on the Corruption layer deep underground, and can also spawn on any solid non-crafted corrupted block, especially Corrupted Leaves, but only in darkness (no matter if day or night).

Health 1000 health points (250 hits with a Twig)
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 50 seconds
Location: Corruption layer during day and night

This kind of Leafies, like all other corrupted creatures, can withstand sunlight after having spawned.

Corrupted Leafies are aggressive creatures, different from their brethren, the ordinary green Leafies, Mossy Leafies, Autumn Leafies, or Dried Leafies (only Night Leafies are also aggressive). Corrupted Leafies are significantly stronger and tougher than all their Leafi family members.

When being killed, Corrupted Leafies can drop (in their Loot Bag) Corruption Dust, Basic Health Potions, Globs of Goo, Sinews and/or Bones.

As Pets, their harvest will usually be of the same kind, just a bit more numerous. Corrupted Leafi Pets might prefer to eat either Corrupted Bread, Corrupted Soup or Corrupted Sandwiches.

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