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Corrupted Leaves can either be created by throwing Corrupt Bombs at tree Leaves of any kind or alternatively they can be found on the Corruption layer attached to strands of Corrupted Wood in the shape of small treetops, growing on the floor or on ponds of Corrupted Water, and hanging from the ceiling. Currently (May 2017), it is not possible to grow corrupted "trees" from Saplings or the like.

These natural blocks can only be harvested with either a Diamond Mining Cell or a Lumite Mining Cell, both Power Cells will lose durability when being used on these corrupted blocks though.

Corrupted Leaves make excellent Fuel for the Forge with a good heating factor, providing quick progress, even though 4 of them have to be used up at a time for each process of smelting, baking, melting or hardening.

Currently, all kinds of corrupted creatures as well as Diamond Treasure Chests can spawn on Corrupted Leaves, as long as the area is not illuminated by artificial lighting or sunlight.

All leaf blocks can be corrupted into Corrupted Leaves by throwing Corrupt Bombs at them. They will then turn into specifically named corrupted leave blocks, only Cragwood Leaves and Dark Wildwood Leaves will turn into "common" Corrupted Leaves.

Corrupted Ashenwood Leaves and Corrupted Elderwood Leaves can be harvested normally.

However when Corrupted Shorewood Leaves, Corrupted Autumnwood Leaves, Corrupted Parchwood Leaves, Corrupted Wildwood Leaves or Corrupted Weepwood Leaves are picked up (pulled with arctek gauntlets powered by Diamond or Lumite Power Cells), they will turn into common Corrupted Leaves in the inventory (or quickbar) of players.

Corrupted Leaves can be purified by placing at least one Healing Beacon nearby or by throwing Purification Bombs at them.

Corrupted leaves from the corruption layer, made from Cragwood Leaves or Dark Wildwood Leaves will all turn into Cragwood Leaves when being purified. All specific types of Corrupted Leaves will turn into their uncorrupted counterparts (Corrupted Weepwood Leaves will turn into Weepwood Leaves, Corrupted Ashenwood Leaves will turn into Ashenwood Leaves, etc.).

In earlier versions of Creativerse, it was possible to corrupt Leaves by pouring Corrupted Water on them or placing them into this liquid, but this is no longer the case.

On artificial "biomes" (such as platforms of only 1 block "height") made from a large enough amount of Corrupted Leaves, many corrupted creatures as well as Diamond Treasure Chests have a chance of spawning in complete darkness.

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