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Corrupted Mirus can be found on the Corruption layer deep underground, and can spawn on any solid (non-crafted) corrupted block, but only in complete darkness. These Mirus, like all other corrupted creatures, can then withstand sunlight though after having spawned.

Corrupted Mirus are aggressive creatures, similar to all other corrupted creatures. They are significantly stronger and tougher than their relatives. Like their brethren, the ordinary dark-green Miru and the blue Arctic Miru, they can use a blinding attack after they have crossed their arms.

When being killed, Corrupted Mirus will usually drop (in their Loot Bag) fiery red Miru Eyes (no Arctic Miru eyes), Corruption Dust, also sometimes Basic Health Potions, Globs of Goo, Sinews and/or Bones.

As Pets, their harvest will be a bit better and more numerous. Corrupted Miru Pets might prefer to eat Corrupted Soup or Corrupted Sandwiches.

Bugs Edit

  • Currently (as of R39) Mirus have been known to glitch through walls with 1 x 1 block spaces when they attack. This makes traps with 1 x 1 holes dangerous for players attempting to trap and tame Mirus. Placing a slab in the 1 x 1 hole to may help in certain cases.
  • While in the corrupted layer, corrupted creatures may sometimes me transported to the surface layer due to block collision. This explains the many creatures you seen suddenly flying up into the air. Make sure no residential areas/bases are located above corrupted layer mines.

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