Time to tame: ~50 seconds
Attack(s): Ram: Corrupted pigsy will thrash its head from side to side in order to damage players.

Heavy Ram: Corrupted Pigsy will get down low, squealing angrily. After about 1 second of charging, Corrupted Pigsy will headbutt players airborne.

Location: Corruption layer
Creativerse Corrupted Pigsy Pet R23 515
Creativerse Corrupted Pigsy Pet R23 5115
Creativerse Corrupted Pigsy Pet388
One more variant of the much-loved Pigsy, but aggressive and currently the strongest type, native to the Corruption layer but also able to spawn on non-crafted corrupted blocks in complete darkness: Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Dirt, Corrupted Grass, Corrupted Wood (of all kind) and Corrupted Leaves (of all kind).

When killed, you will most often find Corruption Dust in it's Loot Bag.

This Pigsy can be tamed like all other Creatures in Creativerse, however it will not give any Pigsy Droppings (fertilizer) when harvested from, but most often Corruption Dust (again). As a Pet, the Corrupted Pigsy usually prefers one type of corrupted food, most often Corrupted Soup.

To KO a corrupted Pigsy, they must be hit 72 times with a Twig, 50 times with a Wood Sword or Stone Sword, 25 times with an Obsidian Sword, 17 times with an Iron Sword, 15 times with a Diamond Sword, or 10 times with a Lumite Sword.

Creativerse Corruption Dust5757

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