Importance Edit

Crafting is a key-feature of Creativerse. You will craft at least a little to progress in this game, no matter if you're a Builder, an Explorer, an Adventurer or a Fighter.

Crafting in Creativerse is different from similar games, as you will not only need to gather the fitting materials, but you will also at first have to "unlock" crafting recipes in your crafting menu before you'll be able to craft more and more stuff; which will define your general gameplay-progress in Creativerse.
Creativerse Iron Treasure Chest R23 315
Additionally to the hundreds of comon crafting recipes that you can unlock and all the additional materials and types of Food that you can cook at Crafting Stations, you can also find dozens of rare Recipes in randomly spawning Treasure Chests (as well as obtain them from certain Creatures alternatively) and even more special crafting recipes during seasonal events like Halloween (Haunted Nights) or Christmas (Holiday Gifts).

To use these rare Recipes you can right-click them in your inventory or you can drag them with left-click of your mouse from the inventory over your character's model on the right side. If you get duplicates of rare Recipes that you have already learnt, you might want to give them to other players that do not know them yet.

Crafting recipes that you will buy in the Store do not have to be learnt or unlocked in particular, but they also cannot be transferred to other players.

Crafting recipes that you have already unlocked on any Creativerse world will not be known to your player character on gameworlds with the option "Recipes carry over" disabled. Rare Recipes and Store-bought recipes will always be known on all gameworlds.

Unlocking Recipes Edit

When starting to play Creativerse only very few starting crafting-recipes will already be unlocked:

Wood Swords, Moss Torches, Basic Health Potions, Wood Doors, Wood Chests and Wood Walls.

- plus Flares, if you have registered your Creativerse-account.

Since R39 in February also Leather Breastplates, but in return Processors now have to be unlocked by gathering Cragwood (either from Forest trees or Wood Treasure Chests) and common grey Stone found in any nearby Cave.

However hundreds more crafting recipes will still be waiting to be unlocked by you

  • since update R34 in September 2016 you can now see a list of all unlocking requirements of all common crafting recipes with their icons greyed out
  • rare Recipes won't have any previews, except for temporal exceptions like during holiday seasons
  • unlocked crafting recipes will be displayed with a beige-brown background and colorful icons
  • crafting recipes that are ready to be unlocked will be displayed with a blueish background that shimmers silvery from time to time
  • to unlock new recipes you will have to gather resources in different surface-biomes, craft a lot of stuff and "mine" your way downwards until all unlocking requirements are met
  • you will be notified if a new crafting recipe is ready to be unlocked, then you will have to search for the now blueish shimmering recipe, choose it by right-clicking on its icon, and then click on the button "unlock" in the crafting window on the right-hand side
  • you do not need to unlock any crafting recipes for the Processor nor the Forge, you can simply click on the list of materials that appears as processable to see how and to what it can be processed
  • to mine deeper, you will need to craft Power Cells (also called Mining Cells) as the according tools
  • to craft Power Cells, you will need Ores from underground layers (like Coal) or alternatively hunt for Treasure Chests
  • to craft better Mining Cells you will also have to search for specific surface-biomes to gather uncommon materials, which can sometimes take quite a while, depending on your luck and exploration-strategies
  • harvesting and obtaining new crafting materials will often unlock several crafting recipes for a bit each
  • however the unlocking of many crafting recipes will also require crafting other items, blocks etc. too
  • the Cooking Station is a bit more special: at first only the recipe for all kinds of Soup is already unlocked. By cooking a common Soup, the recipe for all kinds of Pies will be unlocked, by harvesting Wheat the recipe for all kinds of Bread will be unlocked, and by cooking common Bread, the recipe for all kinds of Sandwiches will be unlocked. You can then cook many different types of Food by combining different recipes within only these 4 cooking recipes

Unlocking some recipes will often require several crafting actions in a row. For example you will need to fetch caramel-brown Canyonstones found high up in Canyons-biomes and then craft Stucco Wall, after that Dark Stucco Wall and Ruddy Stucco Wall and so on to unlock a lot of Canyon-related recipes. And you will need to take Wildwood from trees in Jungle-biomes to enable unlocking Bungalow-styled blocks one after another.

Controls Edit

You can open your Crafting-Menu by typing the default key "Q" or by clicking on the "crafting"-tab in the top left corner of your inventory. You can of course set any other key you like for accessing the crafting menu in your options as well. You can always see the keys / letters you have assigned for the crafting menu in the left bottom corner of the Creativerse-main-screen displayed next to the hammer-symbol.

Crafting Menu Edit

In your crafting-menu ("Q") you will be able to craft many things directly from all the common crafting-recipes that you currently know. But not everything can be crafted by hand, some craftable materials and items will require Crafting Stations.

Currently Processors, Forges and the Cooking Station for the four existing cooking recipes can be placed to process many materials, and Extractors are one-use expendable items that have to be placed on Nodes to extract Ores.

In any case, use right-click or left-click on the icon of any item you wish to craft to make the detailled recipe appear in the crafting-window.

If you right-click or left-click on "locked" items, the unlocking requirements will appear. You can "track" both unlocking requirements and crafting recipes alike by checking the button next to the word "track" on the right side. This will make all the crafting ingredients respective a list of materials and items needed to unlock crafting recipes be displayed on your main screen while adventuring until you will uncheck the tracking option once again.

As usual, the first number (example 2 / 10 ) shows how many materials you already have (in your inventory and/or quickslots), while the second number indicates how many materials are actually necessary to craft the item/s in question.

After selecting an unlocked crafting recipe and before actually clicking the "Craft"-button you can sometimes scroll through alternative materials with left-click wherever are two blue arrows added to the material-icons in the crafting-window. You can then choose between different kinds of wood, flowers, mushrooms, grass blocks, canyonstone and so on, and the crafting recipe will show the number of these materials that you are currently carrying in your inventory and/or quickslots.

By holding "SHIFT" or any other key that you have assigned to the "run"-command in your keybinding options, you can craft 5 times the usual amount of items - of course only if the number of crafting ingredients in your posession is sufficient.

The "Craft"-Button will only be displayed in color if all of the crafting-materials necessary for the currently selected recipe in the crafting-window are in your inventory and/or quickslots. Materials from your storage(-chests) nearby will not be taken into consideration. If any crafting ingredients are still missing, the button "Craft" will stay greyed out and won't respond.

Sometimes you will be automatically crafting more than one item/block at a time when choosing a specific crafting-recipe, like (typically) 8 building-blocks, 2 teleporters, 4 torches or 4 potions. In this case the "Craft"-Button will not show "Craft 1" but of course more than one, like "Craft 8". If you press "SHIFT", then up to 40 items can be crafted at once - as long as you carry enough materials with you.

To actually craft someting, click on the "Craft"-Button, and the recipe will immediately be crafted without any latency time wasted in your crafting menu; as long as you have room for the resulting item/block in your inventory. Crafting Stations will take longer to process materials though.

Crafting Stations Edit

You will have to craft Crafting Stations, place them into the world and then interact with them (right click or default key "f") to process some raw-materials into useful or more fitting crafting-materials (like Rods or Slabs for example). Each crafting process in a Crafting Station takes a little time, and even longer for harder materials of higher quality (the longest for smelting Lumite and processing items made from this Ore).

Creativerse R22 Crafting Stations01

Currently three Crafting Stations exist in Creativerse:

  • the Forge to smelt Ores, melt or harden other materials,
  • the Processor, most often needed for chopping materials into smaller usable intermediate goods,
  • and the Cooking Station solely for cooking Food from Crops with Liquids.
  • The Crafting Table can no longer be found nor crafted on current gameworlds, however you might still see those on old gameworlds

You can rename all of these Crafting Stations individually, and you can change their permission settings with the Padlock symbol in the top right corner for other players with the according permission rank; which will then also allow these players to pick up the crafting stations and take them away.

Creativerse Cooking Station starts with soup01

When interacting with a Crafting Station you will be shown your inventory on the left side of the screen and the menu of the respective Crafting Station on the right side. The top category of your inventory will only list the icons of every material you can use in this Crafting Station in bright colors while the rest of your inventory will shown greyed out below.

Creativerse crafting R23 overview 002a

Right-click will send then the respective materials from your inventory to the crafting stations (better than drag & drop, which should also do).

The "Craft"-button will turn orange when all of the necessary materials have been inserted into the respective slots of the crafting-window. In case of the Forge this includes some Fuel too.

Addionally to this, after you have chosen all the necessary materials, the time that the Crafting Station will need to process this material will be shown to the right side of the "Craft" button.

Click on the "Craft"-button to actually create 1-8 pieces of processed material. The SHIFT-button is currently not active for Crafting stations.

You can fill the Crafting Stations to process up to 21 materials. In the right bottom corner of the crafting-window for the Crafting Station the cumulative time all of these processes will need is displayed then.

Tracking Edit

As said you can "track" up to five recipes by clicking at the word "track" to the right side in your crafting-window on a selected recipe either to be crafted or unlocked. The list of the necessary ingredients and materials will then be shown on your main screen afterwards during your adventures, until you stop tracking the recipes by clicking "track" again for the according recipe/s.

Favorites Edit

By clicking on the Star symbol in the top right corner of the crafting recipe next to the name of the item, you can sort this recipe into a new TAB called "Favorites" in your crafting menu at the very top.

Starting to Craft Edit

At first you might want to gather resources and craft:

  • as many Basic Health Potions as you like, but remember that you will need Flowers to craft the more important Mining Cells too. Blue, red and yellow flowers are up in the trees. In Savannahs (a bit dangerous because of BossHogs) and in peaceful Tundras you can find a lot of flowers growing on the ground tat are easy to pluck in large amounts
  • a Wood Sword if you want to defend yourself way better than with your starting-Twig. The Wood Sword is also one of the unlocking requirements for better swords of higher tiers
  • a set of Leather Armor, even though it is not very good, but serves as an unlocking requirement for better armor tiers. You will have to loot Leather from Pigsies for that, but you can also try taming them, feeding them and then harvesting from them - some of them will be satisfied with simply being fed Red Mushrooms. Twine for armor can be made from Vines in Processors
  • it is recommended to craft Wood Chests for storage, also Wood Wall, Wood Floor as well as Wooden furniture in order to unlock the Bed, so you can quickly skip the night (and/or the day if you wish so). For this you will also put tree Leaves into a Processor to obtain Shredded Leaves

Don't forget that you can find rare Recipes in Treasure Chests or sometimes as loot / pet-harvest (for example from Keepas), and then you can learn these Recipes by right-clicking them or dragging them over your character's model from the inventory.

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