Basic information Edit

Creativerse is a F2P block-based online sandbox adventure voxel game "set in beautiful yet treacherous worlds shrouded in mystery", released on May 8th 2017.

This game is being developed and still extended by Playful Corp., saying about their game:

"Creativerse is first and foremost a sandbox where many different types of players engage with the game in their own unique ways. Our plan is to broaden our core gameplay at a regular cadence until we become the ultimate sandbox game."(see official Game FAQ)

Creativerse is easily accessible and suitable for all ages by being F2P with a tutorial for beginners (that can be turned off, reset and/or restarted at any time) and a self-explaining crafting system (since R34 in September 2016) that lists nearly all available common crafting items and blocks greyed out right away, together with clear explanations about how to unlock them each.

The game features comfortable and highly customizable controls, helpful shortkeys displayed on the UI and a simple but rich menu interface. Tooltips for every material, block and item in the inventory provide additional information. However, Creativerse also features functions and secrets to be found out by players on their own accord.

During their gaming progress players will become able to use more large game-features like farming, taming Creatures, cooking meals, wiring devices, will then become able to create and share their own Adventures, Blueprints and much more.

Financing Model Edit

Although Creativerse is free to play, the continuation of game-development and server support requires continual financial backup.

Download contents Edit

To meet this end the "Pro"-DLC (download content) now offers additional fun options like a Flashlight, a Glider, 20 slots more inventory space (up to 60 slots), double Stamina (200 instead of 100), 2 Claims for free on each gameworld - and especially the possibility to own and moderate up to 12-15 gameworlds of their own with optional settings like with low gravity, "peaceful" (solely defensive) creatures, hard mode, easy mode, disabled PvP, higher spawn rates of treasure chests and more.

The "Welcome"-DLC is now offered on Steam too since 2017 - 05 - 24 and is exactly the same thing as the Welcome Bundle that can be purchased in the ingame Store via Steam Wallet. So it can only be purchased once - either via Steam or ingame Store. Actually, this Bundle/DLC is not of much help for beginners, it only contains 1500 Coins for the Creativerse ingame Store for a smaller price and some crafting recipes. The Golden Sword only deals 70 damage points which is much less than of the free Lumite Sword.

Ingame Store / Item Shop Edit

Moreover players can buy Coins in the Store via Coin Bundles (to be paid per Steam Wallet) to support the developement. Coins can then be used to buy item packs and recipe packs.

Please note the block packs and item packs like the Arcstone Pack, Miner's Pack, Lighting Pack, Explosives Pack or Machines Pack can only be claimed and used on one gameworld once.

However, the Premium crafting recipes from the Store that are ONLY contained in Recipe Packs will allow players to craft these rare blocks and items in all gameworlds of Creativerse theoretically infinitely, because the crafting recipes will be added to the crafting menu permanently, even on gameworlds with the world option "world bound recipes" enabled. All recipe packs also include a number of crafted blocks and items (as examples) too that can only be claimed in one gameworld though.

Building kits Edit

While Blueprints (designed to start building complex structures together with friends) are now available completely for free, players can also buy Coins to spend for corresponding building kits for all the Blueprints that Playful has made and offers in the "Featured" TAB in the Blueprint Menu.

Building kits can contain hundreds to thousands of default blocks for the Blueprints that are available (only the standard designs as suggested, not the player-customized variants). So Players can buy any of these kits to then use them for building structures of their own choice free-style.

Purchasable Claims Edit

F2P players can claim 6 areas on every gameworld without paying any money. They will have to collect and trade in a number of ingame materials for each claim though.

The first claim will cost 20 pieces of Coal, the second 40 Obsidian bars, the third 80 Iron Bars, the fourth 160 Diamond Bars, the fifth 320 Lumite bars and the sixth will cost 320 Arcstones.

Coins can alternatively be spent to claim land immediately instead of spending any materials, and also to get more claims - up to 24 (+2). Players with the "Pro"-DLC get 2 claims for free additionally, which means 8 claims maximum without spending any money.

Multiplayer and Singleplayer Online Game Edit

Creativerse cannot be played offline, since all gameworlds are hosted on the servers of Playful. Servers are located in the USA, in Europe and in Asia to provide faster connections for all of the main communities. This means that players can play on any gameworld where they are allowed to by the gameworlds' owners even when said owners are not present/actively playing there.

To test the game and learn about its functions, new players will at first want to play solo on their one own gameworld that they can moderate and protect. Additionally to that they can play through any player-made Adventure (and create Adventures themselves for free), as well as join dozens of "public" gameworlds moderated by other players and several "social" unmoderated gameworlds created by Playful (type "@Playful" into the search array when starting the game). Items are not transferrable between gameworlds though.

On public gameworlds provided by other players (you can read more about those on the forums: ) new players can also experience world options that only "Pro" players can set for their gameworlds - like easy or hard combat difficulty, low gravity and/or "peaceful" creatures (meaning that all aggressive creatures become defensive-only) for example.

While not being able to resurrect each other, players can now heal each other (by throwing Purification Bombs) for 60 health points each, can teleport to each other's Touchstone (if their owners permit this) from anywhere at any time, and they can also use each other's Teleporters for transportation. Any player is shown the position of other players on the game world on the Map - and also on the compass if others are close. Players can create teams/groups to use team/group chats and/or can whisper to each other individually unheard by others. Team constellations do not affect PvP consequences as yet.

Getting Started Edit

After you've installed and started the game, then customized your character, you will pop up on your own free gameworld at first. Take a look at your inventory by typing "e" and read the starting Note. Read the tool-tip of your Touchstone too. Then open up your crafting window by typing "q" or clicking on the TAB at the top left corner of your inventory to learn what you can create to survive on this new world. Also take a look at the Map to see where you are. You'll notice the tutorial windows popping up with each new large discovery you make.

Crafting is a key-feature of Creativerse, and most of it is very easily and quickly to accomplish by using your Crafting Menu (to be opened by typing "q" as the default key).

You should aim at crafting some Moss Torches (light will keep creatures from spawning, so torches are very useful in shelters, in caves and at night, plus a good thing to mark your way), some Healing Potions and a Wood Sword for self-defense. You can find all the necessary crafting ingredients within or close to your initial spawning place. Go for a Stone Mining Cell and Crafting Stations (Processor & Forge) next as soon as you can.

Power Cells are very important; they are your all-purpose-harvesting tool, used for mining and scooping up liquids as well.

Collect all required materials as listed in the according crafting recipes, and make use of the "track" option on the recipes (as well as the star for "favorites"). Place down your Touchstone so you can respawn there - you can replace it to "better" spots any time and as often as you like.

Crafting Edit

Crafting is a core feature of the game. All common crafting recipes are now displayed from the very beginning greyed out in the crafting menu (accessible with "q" as the default key or by using the according tab when opening the inventory/equipment with "e"). All the craftable items that are necessary to play the game are for free and only have to be unlocked by collecting materials and/or crafting other items.

Even though purchasable crafting recipes are also listed on the crafting menu, most of them are purely cosmetic, like swords with different designs (currently all Store-bought weapons deal less damage than the free Lumite Sword), many types of building blocks or devices, and firework that can be wired and displayed.

Unlocking crafting recipes Edit

All the basic crafting recipes can be unlocked by fulfilling their unlocking requirements - these can be viewed in detail by clicking on any locked crafting recipe. Many crafting recipes will be unlocked after harvesting or mining specific materials, but most also require the completion of certain crafting progresses too.

Initially, only a few crafting recipes are already available from the start: the very basic survival-neccessities like the Wood Sword as the first "real" weapon (other than the emergency starting twig), Moss Torches as the first kind of lighting (that will keep Creatures from spawning), Basic Health Potions as the first type of consumables, but also Wood Walls, Wood Chests and Wood Doors.

All the other possible common crafting recipes will require to collect specific types of blocks (Wood, Coal, Canyonstone, Wildwood, etc.) or certain animal-materials like Leather, Mossy Leafi Leaf, Feral Pigsy Fur or Corruption Dust, some liquids like Water etc., and additionally to that crafting or obtaining certain crafted items is a common unlocking requirement for many crafting recipes.

The Stone Mining Cell is the first tool that you are going to need for mining - it "boosts" the Arctek gauntlet that allows to collect all crafted blocks and most surface blocks including Stone from the very beginning.

Some blocks, crafting materials or items like Adobe Bricks, Slabs, Rods, Bars, corner blocks or Seeds can only be created by using Crafting Stations like Processors, Forges or Cooking Stations. Crops can rarely be found, but can then easily be multiplied by processing them into Seeds and planting these on tilled soil within fitting environments. Since R40, several natural blocks and items like Ashenwood Logs and Rimecones can now be created by using an equipped Plow on certain natural blocks.


-- The selection cursor will be green if you are pointing at a block that you can pick up with your current mining cell equipped or without needing any power cells at all (like all crafted blocks and objects since September 2016)

-- The selection cursor will be red if you can’t take a block, material or fluid

-- Blue color of the cursor indicates Nodes of Ore; you will need to use (crafted or sometimes found) one-time-use Extractors to get the ores. Place extractors by using the quickbar just like you place regular blocks, and use them on the nodes (right click on the mouse)

-- Don’t forget to equip newly crafted equipment from your inventory into the equipment slots (right click) if you're already wearing equipment, as the worn equipment won't be exchanged to newly crafted ones automatically

Power Cells Edit

Power Cells, also called "Mining Cells", are the collection tools of Creativerse. Lore-wise they provide the "power" and upgrades for the ArcTek gauntlet that your player character is wearing from the very beginning of the game. You only need to equip one Power Cell to harvest, to mine, to chop out pieces of wood, to scoop liquids, to pull out plants and to take up any block by "pulling".  

Vegetabile materials like Flowers from trees, Leaves and Wood from trees, Red and Brown Mushrooms, common Stone and crafted blocks do not require any Power Cells to be picked up, mined or harvested.  

However since the game worlds of Creativerse are made of a great variety of materials, liquids and hard rocks will require rather strong high-quality Power Cells to be collected.  

All Mining Cells will lose durability when used with tough / hard materials, and in the end they will fall apart, just like other equipments will when being used: weapons will lose durability when hitting animals, and armor will lose durability when being hit by animal attacks (not by falling nor other types of player character deaths). Plows and Washers (for Pets) will also lose durability, while Wiring Tools currently do not. Currently there is no repair option in Creativerse, so you'll have to craft new equipment if your current one is "critically" worn out.  

Power Cells of higher tiers will not lose durabilty when pulling much weaker materials though. For example, Stone Mining Cells can pull crafted blocks and organic materials like Wood without losing durability, Lumite Mining Cells can even pull hard rocks from the Stalactite layer without losing any durability, but will start to wear down when pulling rocks from the Lava layer or Corruption layer

Crafting Stations Edit

After mining Stone, you should start to build crafting stations too and then place them anywhere so you can activate (right-click) and use them:

-- The Processor is where you'll break down raw materials for use in recipes, such as Rods from Wood or Logs except for corrupted wood, Stone (or Limestone or Bedrock), Obsidian bars, Iron bars, Diamond bars, Lumite bars and other materials. Processors will also produce useful Slabs from a large range of blocks and materials, Bones from Fossils found in Caves, Ice Slopes from Ice, Globs of Goo from Mold, Crystal Shards from Tourmaline, Blue Pigment, Red Pigment and Yellow Pigment from tree blossoms, Shredded Leaves from any kind of tree leaves (except for corrupted ones), Gunpowder from Coal and Seeds from Crops.

-- The Forge refines raw ores (Obsidian Ore, Iron Ore, Diamond Ore, Lumite Ore) for use in recipes. To process ores and/or other materials in the Forge you will also need Fuel like Wood, Coal, tree leaves or other materials later on. The Forge also produces Melted Wax from Beeswax, Adobe Bricks from Mud, Glass from Sand. Infused Crystals from Tourmaline, Questionable Jerky from Chizzard Gizzard or Blizzard Chizzard Gizzard, and Rockster Rock from Pebble's Pebbles.

-- The Cooking Station will allow you to cook many different types of Food from Crops and other ingredients like liquids, mushrooms and the like. Please note that only 4 cooking recipes have to be unlocked, but still 36 types of food can be cooked from them by inserting different ingredients. Eggs - like mentioned further above - can not be obtained by killing Creatures, but can only be obtained from Chizzards, Night Chizzards and/or Blizzard Chizzards after you have tamed them to become your Pets. Pigsy Droppings for speeding up the growth of Crops are also only provided by Pet Pigsy variants, but not if you kill them.

During Early Access, the initially existing Crafting Table was removed from the game and replaced with the much more comfortable crafting menu that is now accessible at any time and grants immediate results.

Combat Edit

At nightfall aggressive Night Creatures will show up on the surface, so better prepare yourself (except on "Pro" player gameworlds with the option "peaceful creatures" enabled). Note that time will progress fast while you are having fun, and night might be falling sooner than you think! You might want to simply dig out a quick shelter in a hill or in the ground that creatures cannot access, so you can use the night for digging (advisable for collecting Stone that can be found right under the surface layer) and crafting in there.

However, if dangerous Creatures should approach, you don't have to be afraid. It's easy to outrun the attackers even without sprinting (Shift key by default), but you can also use other strategies to survive. For example craft and place fences, build ladders and/or pillars that creatures cannot climb (3 blocks height will be enough).

Or dig caves/tunnels (your player character is 2 blocks in height) as a quick shelter that you can close with either a door or simply with blocks of dirt or grass that you can dig away easily. Don't forget to place lightings, so that Creatures won't have a chance to spawn in dark corners! You can even start to build your first house early on if you like. Only a little later you'll be able to craft Teleporters, then you can move somewhere else easily any time.

Also try crafting a Stone Sword as soon as possible, collect Rimecones from the ground under Elderwood trees that you can throw, and later on Explosives. Armor-Piercing Bombs are the most efficient types to throw.

Gameworld protection and player permission ranks Edit

On their own gameworlds even F2P players without the "Pro"-DLC can use a number of commands to keep up law and order, like by setting every newcomer to "visitor" permission rank (the lowest available) to then only provide visitors with higher permission ranks that will permit them to change anything on the world.

On their own gameworlds, players can mute and ban others, and can also define the starting position of newcomers.

Visitors are not allowed to take anything on the gameworld, nor to interact with any storage or device by default - only with those specifically defined to be usable by visitors. Storages and crafting stations are set to "just me" by default which "locks" them for anyone else, however some can alternatively also be made accessible for players with a specific permission rank, or made accessible to all - including visitors - by setting them to "everyone".

While visitors (lowest permission rank) cannot place their own Touchstones, they can, however, teleport to any Touchstone of other players who will permit this. Visitors can also use Teleporters by stepping into them and being transported. They can not change teleporter codes though, nor can they pick up teleporters by default. If owners change this permission of a teleporter to "everyone", then even visitors can take this teleporter and/or change its code though.

Visitors can open and close doors or gates that are not locked (by using the Wiring Tool; the setting option is called "can interact") and can also activate/deactivate unlocked sensors, lamps, beacons, fans, switches, pressure plates and number pads.

Players can be granted Builder rights, Moderator or even Admin rights by the owners of the respective gameworld, and interaction rights on Claims by the claim owners. Claim permission settings always override world permission settings.

Exploration Edit

Creativerse players can explore a colorful open game-world with earth-like Biomes composed of natural blocks and liquids that can all be "pulled" (harvested, mined, chopped, scooped up) with just one tool (the Arctek gauntlet powered up by Power Cells aka "Mining Cells") to then build and/or craft a variety of things. To unlock and use all the common crafting recipes, many types of natural materials have to be collected, including animal materials and hard rocks that can only be mined after crafting and equipping more powerful Mining Cells.

Additionally, rare crafting Recipes can be discovered in randomly spawning Treasure Chests too. Store-exclusive items and blocks are in no way necessary to play the game, all the purchasable Weapons are even weaker than the free Lumite Sword. Armor or buffs of any kind are not offered via Store presently.

While Creativerse does have a unique background story (hints about it can be found in randomly spawning Treasure Chests and with some special Creatures), there is no specific goal or main objective to reach in this sandbox game, so players are free to explore and make themselves at home by building bases.

Player-made Adventures might ask to complete specific goals and/or might have unique specific stories to tell. This varying content does not have to align with Playful's background of the Creativerse sandbox universe. Exploration and possible player actions can be limited by Adventure creators too. Once exited, Adventures will be reset, since they are mere "instances" (copies) of the actual player game-worlds where they are created.

Biomes and underground layers Edit

All Creativerse game-worlds feature a large variety of flora and fauna. Surface Biomes include Forests with colorful autumnwood trees, withered Tundras, foggy Swamplands, rocky Mountains and layered Canyons, lush Jungles with giant elderwood trees, golden Savannahs, sandy Shores and Dunes with palm-like shorewood trees to snowy Taigas with large evergreen trees.

The underground of each game-world is divided into 4 layers made of different rocks with small to vast Caves and tunnels and their own biome-specific animal inhabitants. Some Biomes or layers provide specific environmental challenges like dangerous heat, cold or corruption (a specific kind of poisonous affliction). These problems can be solved/countered by consuming Potions or Food of many different types and/or by building/using countermeasures like platforms, ladders, campfires, healing beacons or the like.

Creativerse does not feature infinite nor procedurally generated game-worlds. Instead, each new game-world is a randomly chosen copy of one of four purposefully balanced template Worlds, which makes it easier for players to find their way around by comparing their Maps.

Creatures Edit

Each Biome and layer is inhabited by unique endemic Creatures. Some of these colorful animals are flight animals, some are defensive, and others are aggressive, able to inflict various types of damage (and sometimes temporary debuffs). Aggressive Creatures can mainly be encountered underground or at night, but a few can also be met during the day in Savannahs, Canyons, Swamplands and Jungles.

In general, Creatures get more dangerous (stronger and tougher), the deeper you venture into the world. On the Fossil layer and Stalactite layer the dangers are bearable and comparable to travelling across the surface at night. On the Lava layer, Hot Feet can become a real threat (while Warmworm are immobile), and on the Corruption layer player characters will often have a hard time surviving, especially when encountering the Thing that is called a "boss mob" for a reason. Another type of "boss mob", namely Rockzilla, can only be called by players themselves if they built an "altar" for it from certain crafted blocks together with specific types of natural blocks plus luminaires.

On game-worlds with the "Pro" option "peaceful creatures" enabled all Creatures will turn into defensive types that will not charge at player characters by themselves, but will only fight back when being attacked or tamed by players, which also includes said "boss mobs".

All these imaginative animals except for Ghost Creatures (will only spawn naturally during event times) can either be fought or tamed: as Pets they will become livestock that can be fed and then "harvested" from regularly. Creatures (and Treasure Chests) can also be made to spawn on many types of artificial Biomes made by natural biome-typical blocks that players can build themselves and can design them in several ways to make fighting or taming there much safer too.

Survival Edit

Player characters don't have to sleep or eat/drink to survive, but they can do both to achieve different effects and/or buffs. Player characters can be hurt and healed; like by falling deep, drowning in liquids like Water or from creatures' attacks.

When player characters are defeated (die), they will respawn at their touchstone, and an urn will keep all their dropped stuff safe until they can retrieve it. In standard difficulty mode everything from the inventory will be dropped, but neither any equipment nor any contents of the quickbar; in easy mode ("Pro" gameworld option) nothing will be dropped at all, in hard mode (a "Pro" gameworld option as well) even the equipment and quickbar will be dropped, but can still be retrieved and will not vanish in time.

Transportation Edit

Exploration is an convenient task when using teleports. Each player character can place their own Touchstone (usually in or in front of their base/home) and can then teleport to it from anywhere within seconds by simply typing "t" (as the default key).

Additionally to that a theoretically infinite number of Teleporters with unique definable "codes" can also be placed by each player all over the gameworld. It will take a bit of crafting and exploring, including a stronger Power Cell for the Arctek gauntlet, to gather the materials required to craft said teleporters at first of course.

As a substitute for railways, slides can be built from Ice Slopes or other blocks together with Fans across the landscapes, high up in the sky and/or underground freely.

Ores Edit

By digging downwards, different ores for better equipment and devices, but also interesting liquids and rarer treasure chests can be discovered in the underground. 5 types of Ore (Coal, Obsidian Ore, Iron Ore, Diamond Ore, Lumite Ore) equal 5 tiers of armor that can be crafted, together with a larger range of swords and throwing weapons like Explosives.

Nodes containing ores cannot be taken nor placed. Instead all Ores have to be extracted with one-use devices. Nodes of Coal and Diamond can be created by using Tar, while Coal, Obsidian Ore and Iron Ore are frequent findings in Treasure Chests. To extract Ore, Extractors have to be placed on Ore Nodes.

Excavators are not to be confused with Extractors - Excavators will help with removing blocks faster, but will also "save" half of the blocks that they will remove from the world so you can collect them. Blocks, items, materials and the like can also be permanently deleted from the inventory via trash bin btw.

Treasures Edit

Additionally to the common crafting recipes, randomly spawning Treasure Chests will provide you with a significant number of rare Recipes that you will then have to drag over your character's portrait to learn. Other rare Recipes can alternatively be obtained from certain Creatures like Keepas, Things or Canyon inhabitants (Trogs, Dried Leafies or Dustevils). These rare crafting recipes are added to the crafting menu permanently.

"Pro" players can set an option on their gameworlds to "carry over" any common unlockable crafting recipe that they have already unlocked on other gameworlds. But rare crafting recipes (including Store-bought ones) will always be available, even on gameworlds where the option "world bound recipes" is not disabled.

Treasure Chests can contain a large variety of findings, including (rarely) Weapons, Power Cells or parts of Armor of different basic types. Equipment is to be worn for protection and dealing damage, and tools can be used for dozens of different actions.

Other findings Edit

However Creativerse is not only made of blocks, and not everything that you can receive is a block that can be placed. You can scoop up every kind of liquid, place it and even transform it (like freezing it to Ice, Coal or Hardened Lava). Certain animal-drops and other findings make for useful crafting-materials, some of can be even displayed on Placemats, Weapon Racks, Wall Shelves, Flower Pots, Wood Planters or the like.

Tree Saplings can be collected by harvesting Wood and Leaves. They can then be planted on suitable spots to grow into trees. Tree Leaves can be used as fuel, building material and/or to grow several types of tree Flowers. Queen Bee can be placed on suitable natural blocks to then grow into patches of Beeswax.

Notes and Data Chips are collectibles that simply contain information about the background story that can be read but not used, and accessories like Hats or Bows can only be worn by Pets (yet).

Explosives can be used to fight or tame Creatures (and/or player characters too on game-worlds where the PvP option is enabled), and TNT-types can blow up a certain range of natural and crafted blocks to help with digging. Rimecones can be thrown and will damage Creatures as well as player characters.

Extractors are necessary to extract all types of Ore from Nodes, and are single-use (like Explosives) and can be collected from Treasure Chests too occasionally. Only the Super Extractor cannot be found, it can solely be crafted from a rare Recipe obtainable from the Thing that spawns on solid corrupted blocks in darkness.

Events Edit

During event times like Christmas and Halloween, special holiday-themed crafting recipes, items and/or materials will become available from appearing Ghost Creatures and/or randomly spawning Holiday Gifts.

Building Edit

Natural Blocks, Building Blocks, Stairs, Slopes, Furniture Edit

Different biomes are made of different kind of blocks and materials. As said, players can pick up everything that the gameworlds are made of, including liquids by using different Power Cells (left-click) and can then place all of that again (right-click) to build tunnels, steps, buildings, bridges, sculptures, pools, waterfalls, etc. Most blocks can also be rotated to all 6 directions.

Additionally to that the available blocks, ores and materials can be made into a large variety of refined building-blocks and items. Slabs are the size of half a block, they cannot only be used for crafting, but for building too. Non-cubical block types like roofs, slopes, stairs or ladders not only make buildings look more realistic and interesting, but are functional as well.

Creativerse also features different looking types of Furniture like chairs, tables, storage objects like chests and more like that. Player characters can sit down on chairs and sleep in Beds (to skip either the rest of the day or the night and be healed while doing so). Players can use Placemats to put a large range of decorations on tables or any other type of block. Book shelves, wall shelves, weapon racks, flower pots and wood planters can be "filled" with suitable materials, blocks, objects etc. and used for decoration.

Blueprints aid with building large structures, especially together with friends. Players can claim land to protect everything on it from being changed or accessed by other players, even from spreading fire (since R33,5 in September 2016), and can then define individual permissions settings and options.

Machines Edit

Since September 2016 players can wire up activation devices like Switches, movement Sensors, Pressure Plates or Number Pads with usable objects like all Doors, Trap Doors and Gates, all Lamps and Beacons, Fans and LEDs (cubic lights that can be customized to a large range of colors), Mob Spawners, Loot Spawners and Block Phasers.

Please note that the spawners will not provide you with unlimited amount of loot, instead they are intended to be used in Adventures, so players themselves can "fill" spawnable mobs or storage containers with specific loot to provide adventure players with stuff they will need within the adventure. Block Phasers can make most blocks (except for objects that can store stuff and the like) appear and/or disappear. So you can make parts of the floor vanish when players enter the range of sensors, or walls can give way into hidden rooms, parts of labyrinths can close up behind players, a whole scenery can be changed, the growing of plants can be simulated, or even the tide setting in and then retreating again (timed by gates) and much more.

Processing devices like Number Comparison Gates, Delay Gates, Logic Gates, Inverter Gates and Flip-Flop Gates enable players to create sophisticated functions like switch puzzles. Players can lock doors only to be opened via number codes or can make make lights turn on when pressure plates are activated, can let doors close by themselves after a few seconds with an auto reset function and much more.

Farming and Animal Husbandry Edit

Growing Crops Edit

While tree Saplings can simply be placed onto blocks of green Grass in any suitable biome with some water nearby, growing Crops is a more demanding task. First, you will have to gather Seeds. 3 types of Crops slowly grow over time on the gameworlds of Creativerse: Turnips (mainly Swamplands and Tundras), Crisphead Lettuces (mainly in Forests, Woodlands and Grassland) and Horned Melons (only in Jungles). Process these Crops into Seeds in a Processor. For Wheat Seeds, pluck Tallgrass and Savannah Tallgrass.

You can grow Crops on tilled blocks of Dirt, green Grass and/or Mud. Either place these over a body of Water or Mineral Water, or place these liquids directly adjacent to each block of tilled land (like directly below for example, or at least corner to corner). Craft a Plow and use it on the solid blocks to till them. This can even be done underground in complete darkness and/or in a building, but not at too high altitudes, not in too cold nor too hot biomes, and not in or near Swamplands or pools of Bog Water. Place Seeds on the tilled land.

You can, but do not need to fertilize Seeds in order to make your Crops grow faster. Wait a bit until the Crops are ripe to receive the best harvest. Wheat needs approx. 50 minutes (real-life-time) to grow from seeds into ripe plants, even if you're offline. Lettuce needs about 60 minutes, Turnips not much longer (ca. 61 minutes), Horned Melons need ca. 90 minutes until they're ripe.

If Crops stay "ripe" for 24 RL hours, they will turn into "grown" Crops. The harvest will then become a little less, but Crops won't ever wither. Pull them with your Arctek gauntlet again (best without any Power Cell equipped) to harvest the Crops. Process some of them into Seeds to be planted again. The tilled land will regress into Dirt by itself if you don't put anything on it for a while.

Cooking Edit

After crafting a Cooking Station you can cook up to 36 types of food from the Crops you have harvested by mixing them with different ingredients. Cooking any type of Soup requires 2 units of Liquid of any type, 4 x either Turnips or Lettuce and 3 other ingredients (either Turnips, Lettuces, Melons, Mushrooms, Chizzard Eggs, Blizzard Chizzard Eggs or Questionable Jerky). Cooking any type of Bread requires 4 ears of Wheat and 1 unit of Liquid of any type. Cooking any type of Sandwich requires 2 Breads of any kind, 3 x either Turnips or Lettuce and 3 more ingredients (like for Soups). Cooking any type of Pie requires 2 ears of Wheat, 1x either Chizzard Egg or Blizzard Chizzard Egg, 1 unit of Liquid of any type and 3 other ingredients (like for Soups).

Depending on how you combine the suitable and available ingredients, different types of Food will turn out. Food can be consumed by player characters for many different buffs and effects, including increasing maximum health or stamina, negating all falling damage or transforming damage taken from fire, freezing or corruption into healing. However, Food can also be fed to Pets in order to then harvest from them.

Pets Edit

After crafting and equipping a Taming Collar you can tame nearly all Creatures on all Creativerse gameworlds except for event-exclusive (or player-spawned) Ghost Creatures. Pets are mainly livestock in Creativerse presently, and they also make your homes, stables or zoos more lively. At first you will have to feed your Pets (ideally their favorite Food as shown in their pet windows), then you can harvest from them. Most often you'll get the same stuff as a pet-harvest that you would obtain as the same Creature's loot if you killed it, but only if you have fed your Pets well.

Some Creatures like Keepas (especially Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas) as well as Things will even grant you less materials and items in number than they would drop as a loot. However, Chizzard Eggs and Blizzard Chizzard Eggs can only be harvested from tamed Chizzards, Night Chizzards and/or Blizzard Chizzards and then used as ingredients for many types of Pies in a Cooking Station that could otherwise not be cooked at all. Pigsy Droppings that can only be pet-harvested from Pigsies, Night Pigsies and/or Night Hoglets can be used as fertilizer to speed up the growth of Crops, tree Saplings and Queen Bees (that will grow into patches of Beeswax).

After harvesting from your Pets, you'll have to clean them with a Washer before they'll get hungry again. Pets are immortal in principle (unless dismissed by their owners or players with the according permission ranks), so they cannot die from hunger, sunlight, corruption, purification, drowning, freezing, burning and so on.

Player-created content Edit

Adventures Edit

Adventures are basically copies / instances of Creativerse gameworlds (or parts of it if walled in) made into playable content by players and shared with other players. For example simple sightseeing tours around a town or interesting builds can be offered by just placing an Adventure Gate together with a Checkpoint anywhere close by.

Search-quests can be offered by placing several more or less hidden Checkpoints, and/or any kind of hidden stuff to collect, climbing challenges, jumping parcours, "races", rollercoasters (made with fans, ladders, ice-rails etc.), mazes, dungeon-crawling, storytelling quests, puzzles to solve (Switches, Pressure Plates, Teleporters), trap parcours with or without challenging fights (specific animals can be spawned with Mob Spawner and custom loot can be placed "into" them, also Treasure Chests can be spawned), labyrinths (walls, floors, stairs etc. can be made to disappear or appear with Block Phasers)... or any combination of ideas like that.

To check out Adventures that players and a few members of Playful have already created, you can simply click on the "Adventure" button listed in the main menu and then choose one Adventure from the list. Alternatively you can use a link that Adventure creators have uploaded, like on the official Adventure-Subforums: . Clicking on the links will automatically start the game and the according Adventure too.

Even free players can create and/or play Adventures. Some Adventures can be used as an opportunity for free players to check out "Pro" world options like low gravity or peaceful creatures, or to learn rare Recipes.

Blueprints Edit

Since R45 in July 2017 you can now very easily create your own Blueprints and also download player-made Blueprints from the Steam Workshop. Both is for free (open to F2P players) and does not require any DLCs. You can also "copy" your own structures/builds just for yourself without uploading them to the Workshop. To use player-built Blueprints, you will only have to subscribe to them in the Steam Workshop that you can browse from the ingame Blueprint menu as well as via Steam.

Capture Blocks (Small 15x15x15 blocks, Medium 31x31x31 blocks or Large 63x63x63 blocks can be used) to save any of your builds into a Blueprint (the original structure will not be destroyed by that). You can then use the Blueprint only for yourself or additionally upload the captured Blueprint to the Steam Workshop in order share it with all other Creativerse players.

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