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Creativerse is a block-based online sandbox game developed by Playful Corp. The game has been released on May 8th 2017 on Steam free to play with optional pay-content, and is still being extended.

This Wikia is solely maintained by the contributions of Creativerse players. The developers at Playful are not involved in this public fan Wiki.

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Creativerse belongs to the genre of 3D-block-based games (like Minecraft) that was initially started by Zach(tronic)'s game Infiniminer.

Different from these games though, Creativerse is a multiplayer online F2P sandbox game where you can play solo on your own game world(s) and/or together with others on many more game worlds. Unlike Minecraft and Infiniminer, Creativerse features Quests that will optionally lead players through the gameplay progress. Creativerse players save, share and customize builds via Steam workshop with Blueprints that allow faster building ("burst fill") and also offers a special Adventure mode for players to create their own stories, puzzles, sight-seeing tours, quests, roller coasters and more for other players to enjoy.

This free game with optional purchasable content can only be played in English via Steam on PC and Mac. Playful has confirmed that more languages will become available in the near future.

Player characters can be customized to some extend and are nicely animated, but first person view gameplay is predominant. Third person view can either be used while the player character stands still (mainly to create screenshots), or will automatically be used while flying a glider (available with the purchasable Pro DLC, together with a switchable Flashlight, more inventory space, more stamina and other bonuses). This DLC is the only actual gameplay-relevant purchasable offer, while everything that you can buy in the Store is "cosmetic".

After starting the game, you can explore, gather, fight, craft and build at your own pace. Tutorial pages will pop up to explain the most important game features a bit more as soon as you discover them for the first time (said tutorial can be turned off/on and reset with chat commands). Additionally, you can fulfill Quests that QB asks of you in order to receive helpful rewards that will speed up your game progress. The first 7 "Rookie" Badge quests will let you earn up to 350 Coins for the Store, while all the other quests will unlock several more Badges that will mainly strengthen your player characters resistances against heat, cold, drowning, etc.

Each Creativerse game world is made of different surface Biomes like Grassland, Forests, Swamplands, Jungles, snowy Mountains, Canyons with bizarre rock formations, Savannahs and Oceans with many types of shorelines - some are beaches with palm-like Shorewood trees, others are made of Ice, covered with Snow.

Countless Caves lure players from the surface down into underground Layers and more of them can be reached by digging downwards; the Fossil layer, the Stalactite layer, then the Lava layer and at last the Corruption layer.

Each surface biome and underground layer is populated by randomly spawning unique looking endemic Creatures to fight and/or tame. While F2P players will have to defend themselves against aggressive Creatures (mainly at night and underground), all players who buy the "Pro" DLC can set their game worlds to "peaceful". Still even they might want to hunt Creatures like rare Keepas or "Boss Mobs" like the Thing for crafting materials, or optionally tame animals to harvest their materials peacefully. Aquatic life is still in the pipeline.

All blocks and liquids that each Creativerse game world is made of can be taken and placed for free building after obtaining/crafting the required mining cells for digging. The deeper you dig, the harder the rocks will get, and to mine these, stronger and stronger mining cells are required. Randomly spawning Treasure Chests randomly appear in the dark - the deeper underground, the more valuable their random content. Players can also create artificial biomes to make Treasure Chests and Creatures spawn in a controlled environment; and traps of all sorts can be built to kill Creatures for their loot safely.

Creativerse features survival gameplay elements like falling damage, limited underwater breathing and environment effects (cold, heat, corruption) in prefabricated balanced game worlds with large finite maps that can be uncovered one area after another. Currently created game worlds are random copies of one of 4 template worlds with known Maps of fixed sizes, new game worlds are not procedurally generated. This free game also features a day/night-cycle with a beautiful sky, and either sunny or foggy weather.

The game worlds of Creativerse do not feature any buildings/ruins, structures, villages or NPCs that you could discover, except for seasonal event times where you can randomly encounter The Great Pumpkirus that will spawn all over the surface for a month around Halloween, respectively Elfis for a month around Christmas. During these seasonal events, special game goals add new variety to the usual sandbox gameplay whenever you place special summoner's items that you can collect from free daily login bundles during event times.

Hundreds of items can be created by different means - by crafting, growing, cooking and/or transforming. Additional recipes for blocks and objects can be found in the Store and bought with Coins (to be paid with real money). Even though you can also find equipment like melee Weapons in the Store, these weapons are never any stronger than the Lumite Sword that you can craft for free. Costumes are purely cosmetic; actual defense points can mainly be gained by crafting or finding and then equipping free Armor.

3 types of trees can be grown from randomly "dropping" Saplings, but also 4 kinds of Crops on tilled land (Farming), and several types of Flowers as valuable crafting ingredients. Not only cubic blocks, but also other refined 3D objects of all kinds like tables, chairs, doors, windows, ladders, ventilators, slopes, slabs, stair blocks, corner blocks, columns, display containers etc. can be used to build any creative structure that you can think of.

You can "save" your builds and share them as Blueprints with other players via Steam workshop. You can already download up to hundreds of player blueprints from the workshop for free by "subscribing". Blueprints can then be customized and their "burst fill" makes building much faster. However they won't build themselves from nothingness; so you will still have to collect and/or craft the required blocks and objects, but you can optionally buy these in the shape of "building kits". There is no "creative/creation mode" in Creativerse and player Mods are not allowed yet, since the game is free to play and the optional sales of blocks, objects and skins has to earn the developers' monthly income.

Arc Sign cannot only display words/notes and provided sprites of all ingame icons and animals, but even colorful unique images made via "rich text". Areas can be claimed for yourself in order to protect your buildings there from being changed by other players (and all blocks of the whole area from being taken/altered too), doors can be locked and provided with number codes, lights can be switched on/off, and wired "machines" can be used to create lots of different effects.

Creativerse does not feature a hunger bar, instead the 36 cookable Food types optionally grant a large range of buffs. Mushrooms, 3 types of Crops and Potions can be consumed for healing purposes and other effects as well. Pets will only provide you with resources when they've been fed (after which they have to be cleaned), but they are otherwise immortal. There are no changing "seasons" in Creativerse, and your player character never has to sleep. Instead, using a Bed will have a healing effect as well as let players switch either night or day.

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Start Playing On Steam

You can get instant access to this online game by downloading Creativerse and playing it for free on Steam.

Kindly note that there are minimum requirements to play the game that now include a 64-bit system (64-bit Windows Vista SP2, 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10). For more specs, please scroll down to find them on the shop page for Creativerse on Steam (

Creativerse is currently only available in English and is supposed to feature localizations at a later time.

Each new free player receives one Creativerse game world of their own when starting to play, while players who buy the Pro DLC can create/own up to 12 game worlds and can additionally use several more options for their own game worlds, like peaceful creatures, low gravity, higher spawn rates and the like. However, anyone can play for free on many other worlds additionally, like on public worlds and by invitation on friends' game worlds.

Each game world can be protected with a password so that its owner can play solo there and/or only with selected fellow players (up to 20 at the same time) who they share the password with. Alternatively, players can dedicate their world/s as public worlds without a password for everyone to enter. World options enable world owners to protect their game worlds from damage, and claims let players secure their own property there.

Please note that all Creativerse game worlds are housed on Playful Corp.'s servers and can only be accessed online via Steam. The game cannot be played offline. This allows players to play on any game world without requiring the attendance of the world owner.

Game Goals

Creativerse is a sandbox game that does not define one specific game goal to be reached, but lets players set their own objectives. Even the quests are purely optionally, although their rewards are very useful. The game does not feature any achievements nor a story/narrative. Instead it offers a non-linear ingame tutorial. Still, players can set themselves individual game goals

  • Completing all existent Quests is probably the most popular player goal. Questing will automatically lead you through all the basic game features and all game world regions (surface biomes and underground layers alike). It will help you with crafting (or obtaining) one tier of equipment after the other (Mining Cells, Armor, Weapons), the most important building blocks, objects and items like Explosives or Potions, and will make you encounter nearly all existent Creatures.
  • Another popular player-defined aim is to create Blueprints that every Creativerse player can publish for free via Steam workshop. Blueprints made by players and also Blueprints made by Playful can be downloaded and freely customized by anyone to quickly recreate sophisticated builds, complicated machines and also Arc Signs that feature decorative images. Blueprints make building easier because they enable you to use "burst fill" that will place several blocks and items of the same kind with one mouse click. You can also use Blueprints to buy large numbers of any placeable blocks and/or items with Coins to start building right away without having to collect the materials. Please note that there are no player-made licit Mods for Creativerse - so if you should ever get your hands on "modifications", these can only be hacks and could get you into serious trouble with the law if you use them without asking Playful first.
  • One more popular game goal would be besting (or taming) either all existent Creatures (except untameable event enemies) or at least the most challenging "boss mobs" that the game has to offer outside event times: Rockzilla, the giant crab that can only be summoned by building an "altar" from specific blocks, and the tough twisted "Thing" that spawns on Corrupted Blocks and can be found on the deepest world layer.
  • Unlocking all crafting recipes by harvesting, mining, crafting, farming, cooking and treasure hunting is another one of the optional game goals that many Creativerse players set themselves. One crafting recipe (the Super Extractor) can only be obtained from the strong Thing (or from fellow players, for example via Adventures that players have created). Several other rare Recipes can either be obtained from randomly spawning Treasure Chests or more rarely from Creatures too. Some crafting recipes can only be obtained during seasonal events around Halloween and Christmas. Seasonal recipes cannot be shared via Adventures, the rarest ones can even only be claimed, but not shared/traded. Some more recipes can optionally be bought from the Store with Coins - these recipes can also not be shared, but you can always ask players who have bought the recipes to craft Store-exclusive blocks or items on your world for you.
  • As one of the most challenging game objectives, Player-made Adventures can be created by all Creativerse users for free. Each Adventure can offers its own aim/s to be achieved like defined by its creator. Many Adventures include puzzles and/or traps, others are simple sight-seeing tours, will lead you through labyrinths or let you "ride" "rollercoasters", and the most popular ones even have their own interesting and creative stories to tell.
  • During seasonal event times like Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign or Elfi's Toy Drive, temporary optional game goals are to be accomplished that usually evolve around collecting rare event-related crafting recipes through playing games like uncovering spies, throwing snowballs at targets, activating or holding capture points, cutting trees and/or vanquishing event-specific Creatures.
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Contacts and useful links

You can ask questions, report bugs, provide suggestions for new features and/or join discussions that the developers themselves follow on the official forums

The forum is well moderated and observed by the community managers of Playful Corp. The developers have been closely listening to their player base ever since Early Access and have already implemented many player wishes to the game within a few months while they also continued to develop larger game features.

For general help and FAQs, you can take a look at the official homepage

For news, you can follow Creativerse on Twitter ( or on Facebook (

In the Steam workshop for Creativerse, you can subscribe to any available player-made Blueprints that Creativerse players can publish there for free. Subscribing will automatically download the according Blueprint to the Blueprint menu in the game and can be selected and used from there.

To find interesting Adventures, you might want to browse through the Adventure sub forums or check out these winning entries for the first Adventure competition: for example. Often, the winning builds from building contests will be collected and provided as a sight-seeing adventure too, for example or . You can simply click the "Play Now!" button on these webpages in order to automatically start Creativerse and the according Adventure.

During new updates, livestreams about the upcoming content can be viewed on Youtube (, on Twitch ( and Mixer ( These videos are archived and can also be watched later on. Patch notes can be viewed on Steam ( or in this Wiki: Release Notes.

You can find over 197,000 player-made videos about Creativerse on YouTube (, like tutorials about interesting game mechanics like how to create images with Arc Signs, how to build "railways" from Ice Slopes and Fans or how to build complicated machines like timers or screens with moving images and the like. Some of these videos might even provide you with (temporarily limited) promo codes for free game items from time to time.

Again please note that this public fan Wiki is not read by the developers and you cannot contact them here!

Game Features

Creativerse game worlds feature 10+ different looking Biomes as well as 4 underground Layers, each of which provides diverse biome-specific blocks, plants, endemic Creatures (all of which provide you with crafting materials) and sometimes environmental challenges like freezing cold, burning heat or poisonous Corruption.

Creativerse game worlds are not procedurally generated nor "infinite", instead they are based on template worlds in the size of 10,240 blocks long by 10,240 blocks wide and 256 blocks in height each. So you can easily compare the parts of your map that you have already discovered with the maps of the templates in the Wiki article Worlds if you want to know where you are and in which direction to go to find specific Biomes.

Arctek gauntlets with Power Cells as the one convinient tool for mining all kinds of blocks, scooping liquids, harvesting plants and materials (except for Ores that are won from Nodes with the help of single-use Extractors) enable players to dig deeper through the different strata made of increasingly harder rocks to collect rarer and better resources. A personal Touchstone serves as the respawn point for players and home-teleport that they can use from anywhere on the game world within seconds. Additionally to that, craftable and freely placable Teleporters ensure easy and fast travelling across the large worlds.

Crafting is a main feature of Creativerse. 343 free crafting recipes can be unlocked by exploring, digging and crafting, one by fighting or taming; and 73 more can be bought in the Store, plus 24 temporarily available recipes (Halloween & Christmas). Players can build and place crafting stations, nicely designed furniture as well as several storage items of different sizes and designs including weapon racks and wall shelves. Players can grow Crops, cook up to 36 types of Food (made from only 4 recipes by combining different ingredients) that grant all kinds of buffs and collect and/or brew consumables like Potions. Players can also craft (or find) and then throw Explosives with various effects that will occasionally even change the environment, and much more.

Explorers can aim to uncover the large Maps that consist of 676 areas throughout which they can hunt valuable findings like randomly spawning Treasure Chests with rare crafting recipes, or uncommon Creatures like Golden Keepas. Many types of Armor, Weapons and Tools of increasing quality cannot only be crafted but also rarely found in such Treasure chests. When defeated, player characters will "drop" urns with some of their stuff (depending on combat difficulty settings) that they can always retrieve, led there by an indicator on their compass and a beacon.

Adventurers might want to visit the many large Caves and underground layers populated with dangerous underground creatures, some of which are also roaming the world at night. While extremely tough creatures (called "Things" to be encountered on the deepest layer, the Corruption layer) can be fought or tamed to receive special recipes and high quality items (of Diamond tier), there are also giant creatures (called "Rockzillas") that are to be "summoned" by building arenas from certain materials. The ability to fly with gliders can only be activated by buying the Pro DLC, but there's also Bat Juice that can be collected during Halloween event-times.

PvP (player versus player combat) can be turned off on "Pro" game worlds (it's scheduled to be made available to F2P players too), but can additionally to that also be either turned of or on on player claims (already available for F2P players). This way PvP-"arenas" can be created on game worlds where PvP is otherwise disabled, and Non-PvP "safe" areas can be created on game worlds where PvP is usually switched on.

Imaginative Creatures of 16 types in up to 42 biome-specific variations (color, size, strength, toughness) populate all areas of the game world except for bodies of liquids. Some Creatures are aggressive (however "Pro" players can set all Creatures on their game worlds to be defensive only), some are peaceful, many are capable of unique special attacks, some are rare and some are extraordinarily tough and strong. All Creatures can be hunted and/or tamed (except for ghosts) to become livestock to be fed and then harvested from regularly. Since Creatures always spawn on "their" dedicated natural blocks, artificial biomes (or "arenas") can be built for easier hunting means too. Some more Creatures can spawn or even be spawned around Halloween and Christmas - these event Creatures cannot be tamed though.

Builders can choose from a large variety of natural blocks that the game worlds are made of, as well as from a wide range of crafted colorful Building Blocks that are fully rotatable, easily scoopable and placeable liquids, including stairs and slopes/roofs with inner and outer corner blocks, cylindrical-shaped columns, slabs (half the size of one block), Furniture like chairs that player characters can sit on, lockable Doors, transparent Windows (that cannot be opened), Fences with wicket gates that Creatures cannot overcome, lots of decorative objects, colored lamps, several display objects that allow to lay tables, place stuff on wall shelves and to create colorful images & text with signs, usable ladders, and more. Please note that there is no "creation mode" or "creative mode" in Creativerse that would provide you with an infinite number of free blocks and items. Instead, since Creativerse is free to play, an infinite number of all placeable blocks & items can be bought via buildings kits for Blueprint and more can be bought in the Store in order to finance the continued game development.

"Electric" devices such as Switches, Pressure Plates, Number Pads or Sensors allow players to lock/open doors, switch on lights, spawn Creatures on Mob Spawner, define custom loot for player-spawned Creatures, can individually filled Treasure Chests appear on Loot Spawners, can make walls, floors, blocks or liquids appear from a distance with Block Phasers, together with Sensors that will note when players or creatures step into specific areas (that can be defined) and can be combined with timers too.

Blueprints for thousands of preset buildings made by players are available for free to help with building large structures (especially together with friends), and these can be customized too. You only have to subscribe to any of them in the workshop and you can then build these builds ingame a lot faster than usual by using "burst fill". Block kits containing all the suggested standard blocks of specific Blueprints (presently only those made and offered by Playful) can be bought in the Store to save time, however these blocks kits can also be used for free building. You do not have to spend any money to create or use Blueprints though, you can just collect the required materials yourself and/or costumize Blueprints with blocks and items that you can craft for free.

Purely optionally, Blueprints can be created and customized with any type of placeable blocks, materials, objects and items in order to buy block kits with many more of this stuff for Coins, which means that everything that can be placed directly into game worlds (not merely into slots of display containers though) is now available in theoretically infinite amounts. As a consequence, only Lumite Ore (and every non-placeable item that is made from this ore) is not infinitely renewable in Creativerse.

Areas can be claimed and protected by their owners with different settings like disabling fire spreading, corruption spreading or terrain-affecting explosives. "Railways" or "rollercoasters" can be built from Ice Slopes, Ladders or other blocks - optionally together with Fans. Traps and Puzzles can be created by using activation devices, Block Phasers, Mob Spawners, Loot Spawners, SR-NOR latches and much more.

Hints to the background story of the Creativerse universe with a slight touch of Science Fiction (Arctek technology) can be found in the shape of rare journal Notes and Data Chips in randomly spawning Treasure Chests together with other findings like rare crafting recipes, equipment, pet accessories and useful materials.

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F2P and the "Pro" upgrade

Creativerse is for free for an unlimited time and without any level restrictions. You are not obliged to buy any of the DLCs (download contents) or whatever the ingame Store has to offer. The optional pay-content of the game does not influence the gaming progress noticeably, will not help you to save time, will not provide you with stronger weapons or the like, and is not required to unlock game-relevant features.

The ingame Store mainly allures players with fancy looking blocks and objects that can be crafted additional to the large free basic assortment of crafts. Free crafting recipes have to be unlocked, but not with Coins, but just by gathering specific resources in the game world for free plus by crafting components or the like from them.

The "Pro"-DLC (only purchasable directly via Steam) is the only actually game-relevant addition for Creativerse.

F2P players currently receive one game world of their own where they can play solo (password protection) as well as together with any players that they will share their password with. Free players can additionally to that play, build, explore, craft and fight on any public world and on game worlds of their friends. They can also make their own game worlds public (open to everyone) optionally.

F2P players can create and play Adventures freely too. And they can create Blueprints for the workshop or for their personal use, as well as make use of (and customize) any player-made and developer-created Blueprint from the workshop for free. On their claims, F2P players can disable (or enable) PvP. They can also disable (or enable) Explosives that could damage the environment (TNT), and game mechanics like Fire spreading and/or Corruption spreading.

The "Pro" upgrade allows players to create up to 12 game worlds of their own where they can switch on/off additional optional world options like an alternative look of the sky, disabling PvP on the whole game world, making all Creatures defensive, providing low gravity to the game world, a higher treasure spawn rate, a higher plant spawn rate, reduced Creature spawn rate, hard or easy combat difficulty (additionally to the default medium difficulty), and/or the option to transfer already unlocked common crafting recipes from other game worlds. These settings can be changed anytime.

"Pro" player characters also get 2 free claims on each game world, 20 additional inventory-slots (makes 60 slots in total), 200 stamina points instead of 100, a glider and a switchable flashlight as permanent additional equipments, usable on all game worlds (except for some Adventures). More "Pro" benefits will be added for free, sometimes only temporarily, like the Ghostly Flashlight that was available for Halloween 2017.

Early backers and everyone who has ever spent money in the Store of Creativerse before August 2nd 2016 have automatically been promoted to the "Pro"-status together with release/update R33. If you are a returnee who has paid for the game in Early Access, please make sure to activate the check mark next to the "Pro"-DLC in the Steam library for Creativerse. Players who have played for free up until August 2016 have kept all their old game worlds and have additionally to that been given one new game world.