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Crisphead Lettuce is a crop that can be found on Forest floors, also in Swamplands and/or Tundras, usually on blocks of green Grass, occasionally on Dead Grass too.

The longer a Creativerse world is active, the more Lettuces will spawn.

Lettuces can be processed for two Lettuce Seeds in a Processor. Then these seeds can be planted on tilled soil close to Water (or Mineral Water) so that they can grow into crops. In this way Lettuces can be multiplied.

Lettuces can be used to cook many different kinds of Soups, Pies or Sandwiches as listed in the article Food.

Alternatively Crisphead Lettuces can be consumed directly (from the inventory by dragging it over the model of the player character on the right side or from an quickslot by right-click). It will then give you a 6-minute health buff that increases your overall health by 100.