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Basic Information Edit

In Creativerse your player character is immortal (no perma-death). Still, your character can be "defeated" and will then respawn at your Touchstone or else at the point where you've entered the current game world for the first time.

Circumstances leading to defeat Edit

Your player character can be defeated by:

  • animal attacks
  • explosions
  • drowning
  • heat / burning
  • cold / freezing
  • corruption
  • poison
  • falling
  • other players in PvP (if enabled)
  • killing your own character with the command " /kill "

In this case you will see the message "You have been defeated" in large letters on a red-colored screen; and after a loading interval your character will respawn.

I died? How? Edit

If you find your player character respawning at your Touchstone or at the spot where you've entered the game world without knowing how, please open the chat window by pressing "Return (Enter)" (as the default key).

The last system message will give you more details about the conditions of the death of your player character, when defeated by:

  • animal attacks: " *Playername* was killed by a *Creature name* "
  • explosions: " *Playername* was killed by a TNT!"
  • drowning: " *Playername* tried to inhale liquid :/ "
  • heat / burning: " *Playername* burnt to a crisp!"
  • cold / freezing: " *Playername* became a human popsicle!"
  • corruption: " *Playername* was claimed by corruption!"
  • poison: " *Playername* was defeated by poison!"
  • other players in PvP (if enabled): " *Playername* was killed by *Playername* !"
  • falling: " *Playername* fell to their death!"
  • killing your own character with the command " /kill : " *Playername* fell to their death!"

Consequences of being defeated Edit

After being defeated you will find "yourself" - well actually your player character - either at your Touchstone if you have placed it anywhere on the game world (preferably in your favourite shelter / "base"), or at the spot where you have first entered the current game world.

While your quickbar and equipment will still be the same like before, your equipment will not have lost any more durability, and there is no "punishment" of any sort. You cannot lose ingame-money nor any kind of "levels" either (at least not yet).


  • in standard combat difficulty your inventory/bag will be empty, except for any bundles that you might not have claimed yet. If you had anything with you in your inventory at the time of your defeat, then all this stuff will be stored in a Death Statue at the spot where your character has met their demise.
  • in "easy" combat difficulty mode (a "Pro" world option) you won't lose anything at all after your player character has been defeated. Your character will respawn with your inventory/bag and quickbar intact. In this case no Death Statue will appear anywhere.
  • in "hard" combat difficulty mode (another "Pro" world option) your player character will drop everything from your inventory/bag at defeat, but also everything from your quickbar and all equipment slots - this will all be stored in a Death Statue at the spot of your defeat. Well, everything except for all of your Costumes, the Glider and the Flashlight (if you've bought the "Pro" DLC), because these are permanent equipment items and you won't ever lose them.

How to get your stuff back Edit

After defeat, a white skull icon can now be seen on your compass and will lead you to the (last) dying-spot of your character. That's where your Death Statue will be - an urn containing all the stuff that you had in your inventory at the time of your defeat. That also applies to "hard mode" (in reality this mode merely means that all the Creatures hit twice as hard when attacking).

If you get close enough, you will also be able to see a beam of white light that shines from this urn way up into the sky and down into the ground to make it easier for you to find it, even through all underground layers.

If your character is defeated a second time, the beam of light and skull-symbol will lead you to the last dying spot; and only after looting the Death Statue there a new beam of light and skull will then automatically show you the way to the first dying spot and urn. This way you can retrieve one Death Statue after another.

Your own Death Statue can be retrieved from other players' claims without requiring builder rights.

Different from Loot Bags or Treasure Chests you can also keep the urn itself as some kind of trophy. It cannot be used to store items, but it can be placed for decorative means.

Since update R28 a small tutorial window will now be displayed right after the very first defeat of your player character explaining the death statue and skull-symbol.

What to do if you cannot find your Death Statue Edit

If PvP-mode is activated on the game world (or claim), then it's possible to loot Death Statues of player characters that you have defeated in player versus player combat.

Which also means that you could lose the stuff to other players if your Death Statue was dropped during your defeat, most likely to the players who have defeated you. In this case you will be able to see the message "*Playername*'s death statue was claimed!" in the chat after opening the chat window ("Return / Enter" is the default key).

If the Death Statue has been on a player claim, then the owner of the claim must have taken it (only possible when PvP is enabled there). Other players can't take a Death Statue if PvP is disabled on the player claim.

Even after disabling PvP on a claim and/or a game world, death statues can still be looted for a while until all players who were engaged in PvP before have relogged.

Occasionally, Death Statues can "drop" further underground, especially if player characters were defeated by falling to their deaths, so they might need to dig a little in order to find and retrieve it.

On very rare occasions a Death Statue might drop outside the borders of the game world or further down below.

The game code will then place the Death Statue back into the game world as close as possible to the place where your player character has met its demise. The white beam and skull icon will be able to lead you to it then.

Please note that the white beam also shines downwards under the Death Statue and will keep on shining downwards until it reaches the bottom of the world.

When players only think of digging down in search for the Death Statue until they reach the End of World blocks and still cannot even see their Death Statue, then sometimes these players tend to think that a bug must have dropped the urn out of reach through the textures of the game. This is not the case.

Even though the beam seems to reach down far, in reality there is only very little space under "End of the World" blocks: only a thin layer the depth of one block. So even if the Death Statue ever drops down there it can always still be highlighted and looted through the indestructible "End of the World" blocks.

If you can only see only the white beam and no Death Statue under the End of World blocks, the urn is not down there. Instead it is always further up and can be found either embedded in rocks or in a Cave when searching upwards along the white beam.

Look at the skull icon - it will get larger when you're getting closer to the Death Statue, and smaller if you distance yourself from it some more. If the skull is really small, you should search along the white beam further up! The Death Statue might have been relocated further upwards, maybe up to the surface even after your player character has been defeated in an underground layer.