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The Diamond Decorative Pack is a Store-exclusive offer containing 3 crafting recipes and 3 x 99 crafted cubic Building Blocks.

The crafting recipes from this purchasable Recipe Pack cannot be unlocked other than via ingame Store, even though you can receive the according buiding blocks from other players who can give them to you or craft them for you after they have bought this Recipe Pack in the Store. The recipes cannot be shared with other players.

This recipe pack contains:

Additionally to that, you can claim one item kit on one gameworld of your choice, containing:

Recipe Packs for Creativerse like this one can only be purchased in the Store with Coins that can be bought with real money (as coin bundles in the Store to pay via Steam Wallet).

Store-bought recipes will automatically be added to your crafting menu and will already be unlocked by that. Moreover, all store-bought recipes will always be available on all Creativerse worlds (will always "carry over") after being bought once, even on worlds where the option "World bound recipes" is activated.

Additional to the crafting recipes, you can claim one single item kit for this Recipe Pack on one Creativerse world of your choice. The item kit is a storage container that contains 99 examples of each block type from this pack. Once you've claimed the item kit in one world, it will not be available again on other worlds.

The item kit will only take up one slot of your inventory/bag or any free quickslot; it currently looks like a staple of 3 wooden crates. You can place this kit into the world and access it like any other storage container (type "f" by default or right-click while looking at it).

The blocks and recipes contained in this Recipe Pack cannot be obtained on any Creativerse world except from players who have bought the crafting recipes and can craft them. The recipes cannot be learnt in Adventures of other players.

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