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Extractors are required to harvest Ore from Nodes, as you cannot "pull" complete Nodes full of Ores (Coal, Obsidian Ore, Iron Ore, Diamond Ore, Lumite Ore) with your ArcTek gauntlet and its Power Cells.

Currently (as of January 2017) there are three kinds of Extractors in Creativerse:

All of these Extractors are single-use consumption equipments, so you are going to need a large amount of them to collect Ore. Extractors are to be placed onto Nodes by putting them into a quickslot, selecting them and using right-click while looking at the Node.

The Basic Extractor is the first type of Extractors that you can craft, but also occasionally find in randomly spawning Stone Treasure Chests, Obsidian Treasure Chests or Iron Treasure Chests underground, or obtain from any kind of Keepas.

Basic Extractors can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (to open with "q" as the default key or by clicking on the according Tab above your inventory) or at any old Crafting Table (that can still be found in worlds created before R22 on September 16th 2015).

However you will first have to unlock the according crafting recipe by crafting a Processor - from 8 blocks of common grey Stone, 8 blocks of Wood of any kind (however you'll have to collect Cragwood specifically to unlock the crafting recipe for the Processor initially) and 2 Vines (taken from Cragwood trees or Wildwood trees or looted from Leafies).

One Basic Extractor each can then be crafted from:

You won't need any crafting recipes to create Slabs, just carry Wood and Stone in your bag when activating the Processor, then choose these materials, click on "craft 2" below the Slab icon and let the Processor work for you while you do something else.

For further processing, Ores (except for Coal) must then be melted in a Forge together with some Fuel - that's what Coal is useful for, however in the beginning slower burning Leaves, Wood or any kind of wooden block or items can and should be used.

As mentioned, Basic Extractors can also occasionally be found in randomly spawning Stone Treasure Chests on Bedrock, Limestone and other blocks of the underground Fossil layer, in Obsidian Treasure Chests on rocks from the Stalactite layer further down or in Iron Treasure Chests on rocks from the Lava layer below. Please note that Treasure Chests can be made to spawn (only in darkness with no artificial lighting) on player-made Biomes too.

Additionally to that, Keepas, Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas can drop Basic Extractors in their Loot Bags when being killed. Keepas can also be tamed, then fed and pet-harvested repeatedly for Extractors, Arcstones and other useful materials as well as items and sometimes rare Recipes too.

You will become able to craft the better Advanced Extractors soon. Their crafting recipe will be unlocked after crafting Obsidian Mining Cells. Advanced Extractors will lower the timespan for extractions and will double the number of extracted Ores too.

As it takes time to find Nodes, best try to collect Obsidian Ore as soon as possible and use Advanced Extractors soon. Even if they seem to be more "expensive", they are really worth while because of the much larger amount of Ore that you can collect with them.

The Super Extractor currently is the best type of Extractors in the game. You can obtain the crafting recipe for the Super Extractor solely by killing or taming (and then harvesting from) a Thing, a Creature spawning on corrupted blocks, mainly on the Corruption layer deep underground.

How much ores an Extractor will yield depends on the type of Ore.

List of Times/Dropped Ores Edit

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal 6 1 minute
Obsidian 6 5 minutes
Iron 5 5 minutes
Diamond 3 10 minutes
Lumite 2 10 minutes

While Extractors are at work, you'll see the nodes getting smaller and smaller, until the Extractor will fold itself up with a clicking sound, indicating that the extraction process has finished.

Extractors cannot be removed before their extraction process is done.

The extracted Ore cannot be taken by other players (except for world owners and mods) as the permission of Extractors of all kinds is set to "just me" by default. By clicking on the padlock symbol you can change this permission setting to allow players of certain permission ranks to take the Ore from your Extractors.

Sometimes, when getting close to Extractors that have finished their work, you will hear the clicking sound again to remind you that there is an Extractor nearby that has withdrawable Ore inside.

Extractors cannot be wired; they will automatically start extracting Ore immediately when being placed on Nodes and do not have to be activated by using any activation devices.

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