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A Fan is a functional item that players can craft in their Crafting Menu (default key "Q") or at any Crafting Table in older Creativerse-worlds.

Unlocking Recipe Edit

Recipe Edit

To craft 2 Fans at a time, you'll need:

You cannot obtain Fans on any Creativerse world from Creatures nor as a finding (like from Treasure Chests) currently (as of R33 in August 2016).

How Fans Work Edit

Fans will blow into any direction that they can point/look - directly upwards, downwards or sideways. Place the Fan, then turn it by rotating; to do this hold down "r" (default key) while pointing at the Fan, and press down the left mouse button while moving the mouse to "drag" the Fan. You can "keep" this rotation "saved" to then place more Fans pointing to the same direction as the first one.

Fans can be used as elevators (ca. 5 blocks high or up to ca. 16 blocks with low gravity) or for safe landings when dropping/falling from great heights. However, the player character will be vaulted into the air again after landing on a Fan.

If a player-character jumps into a Fan that is blowing upwards, the jumping height and/or distance will be much higher/farther than normally (beware of falling damage though when landing).

If turned sideways, Fans can give player-characters a good push so they can slide across any kind of block. It is advisable to use blocks of Ice because they are sleek and will allow to slide farther than other blocks.

Using rotated Ice Slopes (made from blocks of Ice in a Processor) as a slide is even better, because these slanted blocks will not melt (currently, as of R33 in August 2016), not even on the Lava layer.

For faster sliding, simply place more than 1 Fan relatively close to each other - however leave at least one block between the Fans that you place, because this will provide for a higher acceleration than placing them directly adjacently.

Attention: when sliding too fast over a long reach, the game might not be able to load chunks equally fast, resulting in perceiving missing block textures and the slide being stopped; or even a sudden drop of the player character into underground layers in the worst case. Even though changing the performance settings (in the game options) might help, it is strongly recommended to rather make do with sliding at a slower speed.

Fans can be turned on or off by activating them (right-click or "f" as the default key). Their activation (on/off) can be blocked (by setting them to "cannot interact" when using a Wiring Tool). Fans can also be wired to activation devices such as Switches, Pressure Plates and Number Pads together with Gates like Delay Gates, Inverter Gates, Flip-Flop Gates or Number Comparison Gates.

Wiring Input Icon
Fans can be Wired up with Machines, and it behaves like a Receiver. The Interactivity can be toggled.

Fans can also keep Creatures and/or player characters from advancing, can push them as far as just a few blocks away or can send them flying (when used looking upwards); however these Creatures or player characters will drop down again quickly of course (as of R33 Creatures do not seem to take falling damage). Pets do not react to Fans and such cannot be pushed nor catapulted.

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