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The Feral Pigsy is an aggressive relative of the peaceful Pigsy. It spawns during the day near Bog Water in Swamplands and on Detritus in Jungles.

Health: 300 health points (75 hits with a Twig)
Time to tame: Becomes your friend in 15 seconds
Attack(s): Ram: Feral Pigsy will ram players by swinging its head around.

Heavy Ram: Feral Pigsy will charge up for a second, then unleash a headbutt that sends players airborne.

Poison: Attacks by this creature have a chance to poison.

Location: Jungles and Swamplands during the day

The Feral Pigsy is feared for its aggressiveness and poisonous attacks. Still it can be hunted (or tamed and harvested from as a Pet) for its precious Feral Pigsy Fur that is required to craft useful equipment, consumables and even rural building-blocks.

Feral Pigsies can be found in the Jungle biome, spawning on Detritus during the day (or on artificial biomes made from natural Detritus-blocks) as well as close to Bog Water that naturally occurs in Swamplands.

Feral Pigsies may not look like it, but are actually poisonous. Their attacks will have a % chance of causing poison, which is a DoT (damage over time) effect. Poison from Feral Pigsy strikes will last for ca. 3 seconds.

To kill a Feral Pigsy, they must be hit 35 times with a Twig, 19 times by a Wood Sword, 15 times by a Stone Sword, 8 times by an Obsidian Sword, 5 times by an Iron Sword, 4 times by a Diamond Sword, or 3 times by a Lumite Sword.

Upon obtaining a Feral Pigsy Fur for the first time, the crafting-recipe for Poison Resistance Potions is automatically unlocked.

It is said that Feral Pigsies can also make you slightly hotter, as it attacks will trigger the same heat-damage bar as if entering hot biomes.

As Pets they can be rather demanding, revealing that they are actually carnivores, asking for Jerky Sandwiches or Chizzard Pot Pies as their favorite food, which will need Chizzard Gizzard (or Blizzard Chizzard Gizzard) made into Questionable Jerky. However, less demanding ones exist as well, preferring only a single horned melon to quench their hunger.

These pigsies are highly aggressive and will attack on sight. They always look angry (even when being washed) and they all have an earring pierced on their left ear.

Feral Pigsy Fur is a crafting-ingredient for:




Building Blocks

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