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Flares are light sources that temporarily illuminate the area around their point of impact after having been thrown.

Currently you can only obtain the crafting recipe for these throwable items by registering your e-mail-address with Playful.

You cannot unlock the crafting recipe for Flares by playing nor with the help of other players; even though fellow players can give you Flares that they have crafted themselves, you can only use them in the same Creativerse world (items are not transferrable between worlds).

Throwing a Flare will light up the area around the spot it hits for ca. 90 seconds with a blue pulsating shimmer, so you can inspect dark areas ahead without entering.

Once you have received the crafting recipe as a gift for registering, you will find it in your crafting menu (to be opened with "q" as the default key) on all Creativerse worlds, even those that have the "Pro" option "world bound recipes" enabled.

To make 8 Flares at a time, you'll need:

Flares don't deal any damage, thus they do not require Gunpowder to be made, different from most other Explosives.

Flares can be put on display on Stone Wall Shelves, Hidden Temple Altars and Placemats.

How to register: Edit

When you hit "play" for the first time after installing the game, a popup window with the EULA (legal agreement) will show up that you will have to accept (click on "agree"). 

Next you will be asked for your birthday, to check the button with a check mark and click on "OK". The last message will ask you to verify your e-mail to get an unique recipe - which means the Flare.

You can alternatively register your e-mail at a later time if you like.

If you aren't able to fill in the character @ to write your e-mail-address, then best mark it here, copy it with Strg-C and then "paste" it into the array with Strg-V.

Trivia Edit

Before update R31 fixed the problem, a bug has caused Flares to render usable objects invisible when hitting them directly - like doors, storage chests, crafting stations, teleporters and the like.


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