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Force Bombs are Explosives that you can throw at creatures or player-characters to give them a strong push and even make them fly upwards.

Currently Force Bombs do not seem to inflict any damage.

You can also use Force Bombs to give your own player character a push in the form of a repulsion, depending where you throw it against.

Like many other Explosives, Force Bombs can only be used from the quickbar, so put them into any quickslot, select the number of this slot (or browse through the slots with your mouse-wheel) and then use right-click to throw a Bomb - only one of a full stack will be used with each right-click.

Unlike other types of Explosives you cannot find Force Bombs in Treasure Chests of any kind (as of R26 in December 2015). Different from TNT-type bombs you also cannot place them into the world.

Force Bombs can be crafted after the recipe has been unlocked by

To craft 8 Force Bombs at once, you'll need (as of R26 in December 2015):

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