The Fossil Layer can be found directly below the Surface Layer. This layer is apptly named for the fact Fossil blocks can be found here in abundance. To mine blocks from this layer, you need to be in possession of at least a Stone Mining Cell. This Layer is important for starting players, as it possesses the resources to create a Forge, which is required to melt ores for use in more advanced recipes. Important blocks in this layer are:

Nodes of Coal and Obsidian Ore can also be found here in abundance, which are essential resources in the creation of most higher tier tools, weapons and armor.

The creatures found in this layer are mostly the same creatures found outside during nighttime. The only new creature encountered is the Miru, which only appears in underground biomes. A full list of creatures encountered here:

The fact that Night Rocksters are found here can be taken advantage of by players who do not live near Canyon or Beach biomes, as Night Rocksters also drop Rockster Rock, which is needed to create Leather armor, the first armor available to players.

Surviving in the Fossil LayerEdit

Since this layer is easily accessed by players, it is generally easy to survive here when properly prepared. However, this layer can still be dangerous to newer players, or those without the proper equipment. When venturing further into this layer, you should consider wearing at least a full suit of leather armor and a stone sword, as the creatures can be fairly tough for beginning players. If you do not possess the aforementioned equipment, you can easily create Basic Health Potions using flowers and mushrooms. This will help you survive battles untill you find the resources to create armor and weaponry.

Other essential things to take with you are torches or other sources of light, as things can be pretty dark in here and extractors, due to the ore found here.


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