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The Freeze Bomb is an Explosive that can be thrown to fight Creatures (or player characters) as well as to transform certain Blocks and/or Liquids by freezing them.

Freeze Bombs can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "q"), but only after the crafting-recipe has been unlocked by:

To craft 4 Freeze Bombs at a time you'll need:

Currently Freeze Bombs cannot be found anywhere on any Creativerse game world, neither as a loot / pet-harvest from Creatures nor in any kind of Treasure Chests.

To throw a Freeze Bomb, simply put a stack of these Explosives into your quickbar (by dragging it there from your inventory or by right-clicking on the stack if at least one quickslot is empty), then choose the quickslot (by typing its number or scrolling with your mouse-wheel), take your aim with the crosshair cursor and use the right mouse button to throw one Bomb of the stack. You can throw the next Freeze Bomb then after waiting 3 seconds (because of the cooldown).

When thrown at Creatures or player characters, Freeze Bombs will deal freeze with additionally freeze damage over time (only ca. 3 seconds) and eventually have a deadly effect, however their actual damage output is really weak. And to top it off, if a Creature dies from being hit with a Freeze Bomb, it will not drop a Loot Bag.

17 Freeze Bombs are necessary to kill a Pigsy for example, but only 2 Explosive Bombs or even only 1 Armor-Piercing Bomb will have the same effect.

Freeze Bombs will freeze a maximum of 7x7x7 units/blocks (much often only a thinner layer/area of 7x7x3-4 blocks though) of Water, Bog Water, Mineral Water and also Corrupted Water and such turn them into blocks of Ice (that will all turn into common Water when melted, like when throwing Fire Bombs at them).

Freeze Bombs can even transform Tar, and can cool down Hardened Lava to become Igneous Rock as well as liquid Lava to Hardened Lava. When thrown at deep pools from above, a Freeze Bomb will usually fall through the liquid until it hits solid ground and such at first freeze the bottom layers of the liquid in a 7x7 perimeter.

Freeze Bombs cannot extinguish flames. Currently Tar can only be transformed with Freeze Bombs, since it does not "freeze" any longer by simply being placed into freezingly cold environments or many blocks of Ice that induce a freeze scale/meter like it has been the case back in 2015.