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Freeze Resistance Potions reduce, but not fully prevent the damage over time taken by cold damage attacks or environmental temperatures for the duration of 10 minutes.

Additionally they completely remove the cold meter (scale) that starts to fill with white color when player characters get close to cold blocks like Snow or Ice, or when reaching high altitudes of any Creativerse gameworld.

Freeze Resistance Potions can only be crafted, they cannot be found in any Treasure Chests nor obtained from any Creatures on the game-worlds of Creativerse.

The crafting recipe for Freeze Resistance Potions has to be unlocked at first by crafting a Iron Mining Cell, or or finding one in a Diamond Treasure Chest that spawns on corrupted blocks like on the Corruption layer.

To craft a stack of 4 Freeze Resistance Potions at a time, you'll need:


- Reduction of Coldness Environmental Environmental Effect by 90% (actually they completely remove the cold scale)

- Reduction of Cold DOT (damage over time) by 50%. Cold damage can occasionally be dealt by Blizzard Chizzards that spawn on blocks of Snow during the day, Arctic Mirus that spawn in the dark (mainly at night) on blocks of Peakstone, Snow and/or Ice, and Rambeaus that spawn on or near Peakstone during the day and night (mainly in Mountains)

In comparison, Food does not remove the cold meter/scale, but Frigid Soup provides 50% resistance to cold damage over time for 15 minutes, while Frigid Sandwich and Frigid Pie even turn cold damage over time into healing over time.

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