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To harden, melt, burn or roast certain materials like Ores, Beeswax or Chizzard Gizzard (for example) in the Forge, you will need to burn Fuel together with it. Each process in the Forge has to be accompanied with some Fuel that has to be filled into the Forge too.

When interacting with a Forge (click your right mouse button or type "f" as the default key while looking at the Forge that has been placed into the game-world), the inventory window will be temporarily reorganized to list all "forgeable" materials that you currently carry on top, followed by all materials that can be used as a Fuel.

You can now (right-)click on the material that you want to to smelt, harden or the like, and next you will have to (right-)click on one Fuel type. Then you will be informed about the time that the Forge will require to complete this (one) process with the type of Fuel you have chosen in the Forge window.

After filling more materials into the queue of the Forge (up to 21), the total time of all pending processes will be displayed in the Forge window too.

Different kind of materials and even items can be used as Fuel, each of them having a certain fuel level or heat factor, resulting in either a slower or faster Forge progress.

Lumite Ore takes the longest of all forgeable materials to be processed.

Smelts 1 Lumite Ore into 1 Lumite (bar) in 1 minute Edit

Wood and Leaves are renewable resources because you can grow trees from Saplings that you can get from blocks of Leaves or Wood (only Ashenwood, Elderwood and Cragwood currently) just by placing and taking them again and again.

Still Saplings will take some time to grow into trees (ca. 24 RL-hours). You can pull Wood and Leaves without any Power Cells equipped, and even faster by using strong Power Cells like the fast-working Lumite Mining Cells that will not lose any durability when pulling plant materials.

Smelts 1 Lumite Ore into 1 Lumite (bar) in 30 seconds Edit

1x Coal, 4x Hardened Lava or 1x Sulfur

You can create Coal infinitely by freezing Tar, but you will have to use Freeze Bombs and Extractors of any kind to mine the Coal.

Hardened Lava can be found in abundance all over the Lava layer underground. However, to collect it, all suitable Power Cells are going to lose durability, even the Lumite Mining Cell. Sulfur has the same hardness as Hardened Lava, but is even rarer.

Smelts 1 Lumite Ore into 1 Lumite (bar) in 20 seconds Edit

2x Corrupted Wood of any kind, 4x Corrupted Leaves of any kind

You can change most blocks of Wood into Corrupted Wood and most blocks of tree Leaves into Corrupted Leaves by placing them and throwing Corrupt Bombs at them (will usually corrupt max. 5x5x4 blocks). However to pick up the Corrupted Blocks, Diamond Mining Cells or Lumite Mining Cells will be required to be equipped, and both will lose durability significantly while pulling corrupted blocks, even a little more than when mining Hardened Lava or Sulfur.

Smelts 1 Lumite Ore into 1 Lumite (bar) in 6 seconds Edit

1x Tar Bread, 1x Tar Soup, 1x Tar Sandwich

To make Tar Bread, you will only need (1x) Tar and (4x) Wheat, while for Tar Soup more ingredients will be necessary, Tar Sandwiches will even require Tar Bread loaves to be cooked.

Liquid Tar itself can be scooped up infinitely (as long as you only pull the extension of flowing Tar and not the source) and when using a Lumite Mining Cell it will lose only a little of it's durability. Wheat can also be regrown, however this will take a little time and patience.

Materials and items that you cannot use as Fuel currently Edit