If you guys would like to participate in our "sneak preview" program, send us an email with a link to your Steam profile Only rule for participation is that you promise not to post about new features on the internet until they're live. - PlayfulDavid, 10-05-2015

Players will be able to create Blueprints from their own creations and share them with others, or stream from June 22nd 2017

... our plan is to broaden our core gameplay at a regular cadence until we become the ultimate sandbox game. We have two main priorities:

  • Dramatically expand the set of actions a player can take in Creativerse (beyond the core of exploration, adventure, and creation.) The true ambition of the sandbox genre is to create a place where anything is possible. That’s where we’re heading.
  • Relentlessly improve the game with each release—bug fixes, frame rate, user interface, graphics, social features, audio, overall polish. Continuous improvement is crucial.

We're definitely interested in exploring the possibility of mods and a creative mode. We're also very interested in bringing Creativerse to other platforms so more of your friends can join you in the game. However, these are pretty far out on the horizon at the moment. We're currently focused on developing the core game.

At this time we’re not planning to support offline play. Our focus is on providing effortless multiplayer for everyone with no server setup required. - PlayfulDavid Nov 3rd 2015

fishing has been a feature we've been tossing ideas around about for a long time. Though it doesn't have to, fishing kinda goes hand-in-hand with building out the oceans biomes, which has actually been on our list of things to do for a while. That'll likely happen at some point, but it's hard to say when, as there are a few big fish (pun intended) we gotta fry before doing that. Sorry I can't say when or for sure for sure that these will get into the game, but we're definitely thinking about it. - Deeks, Feb 14th 2016

(Character customization) Great suggestion! In fact, it's something we're working on. Lots of things to figure out, but the work has started. - thekrakenisme, Jan 15th 2015

We do have plans for it ( character customization options ) ! :) - PlayfulDavid Jan 7th 2016

Just to follow up on this, it (the goo-bug) is similar to the bug where thrown flares can wipe out chests. We're working to track it down. Until we get it fixed, proceed with caution when holding goo and flares near chests. -  PlayfulDavid 06-02-2015

And I agree on pets. We'll dig into that system and see if we can tame the bugs so you can properly tame the creatures. - PlayfulDavid Jan 29th 2016

We'll see about giving admins the ability to remove touchstones. Eventually we're hoping we can add the option to change world ownership. - PlayfulDavid Nov 8th 2015

We haven't started work on NPCs or found villages/ruins, but we're interested in doing both at some point! We're currently focusing on dev ops stuff and getting the game ready to go free and later launching out of early access. But we'll get there! In the meantime we'd love to hear your ideas on both. - PlayfulDavid 10-21-2015

We're thinking about what form a good machine system would take and how we'd like to do character customization. -  thekrakenisme 10-20-2015

"We're pretty excited about adding some kind of automation/electrical system, although it won't likely happen until next year sometime. Would love to hear what you think of it once it's ready." - PlayfulDavid 10-17-2015

We're very excited about our own version of an electrical system, but it will be a while before we get to it. We're laser focused right now on the basic gameplay. Definitely after FTP, possibly after Early Access. The roadmap changes all the time. - PlayfulDavid 10-15-2015

... Each of our templates is randomly generated and the spawn points are randomized when you create a new world, which gives worlds in Creativerse that delicious random flavor voxel sandbox players have come to expect while keeping things managable on our servers. One thing we've talked about doing at some point down the road is to expand the number of templates we have available. - PlayfulDavid, 10-12-2015

We'll see about giving admins the ability to remove touchstones. Eventually we're hoping we can add the option to change world ownership. - PlayfulDavid, 10-08-2015

I like the idea of the plow being used to pull crops as well. In general, we'd love to make both the plow and other farming/ranching tools more versatile. - PlayfulDavid, 10-19-2015

Great idea on the pet washer! - PlayfulDavid, 10-19-2015 (WerePack: I really wished that the pet washing tool doubled as a fire extuinguisher at that moment.)

I can say we're excited by the idea of automation, though we aren't likely to start work on that until after early access. - PlayfulDavid, 09-30-2015

taken from

We're very interested in the concept of ruins. I don't know how the implementation will ultimately shake out, but expect it in the future (it'll be after early access though). - PlayfulDavid, Oct 29th 2015

We'd love to eventually introduce some form of NPCs to the game. - PlayfulDavid, Oct 21st 2015

We're definitely thinking about those two items in particular; weather would make our world even more alive, and transit will help traverse the new and refined biomes we're working on. - thekrakenisme 12-07-2014

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