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Ghost Leafies and other Ghost Creatures appear during (ingame-)nights on the surface on solid blocks of nearly all Biomes except for Frozen Oceans, however only during temporarily limited event times.

Health 100 health points
Time to Tame: cannot be tamed
Attack(s): None. Ghost Creatures are flight animals
Location: all surface Biomes only during the night, only during event-times, mainly Forests, Woodlands, Grassland, Jungles

In 2016 they appeared during the event "Haunted Nights" that started on October 13th and ended on November 1st, but were re-instated once more for a short period afterwards to coincide with the "Festive" Season event around christmas 2016.

Ghost Leafies can also be spawned by players using Mob Spawners.

Mob Spawners cannot be used to farm infinite animal loot, instead they are tools intended to create Adventures that will then be enjoyed by other players. Player-spawned Creatures can be "filled" with custom loot by the player who sets up the Mob Spawners - however only the first spawned creature will then drop all of the provided loot when being killed. No Creature spawned by the Mob Spawner will provide any loot by itself otherwise. Creatures spawned by the Mob Spawner cannot be tamed, only killed.

During event-times Ghost Creatures usually show up a little later than common night creatures (that will start to spawn around 10:43 PM), and when hit by sunlight, ghost creatures will start to burst into blue flames around 5:12 AM and will perish more quickly than common night creatures do. If ghosts are trapped in dark places they will not perish at daybreak.

During event-times Ghost Leafies can also spawn on artificial biomes and on surface blocks that have been placed underground, even in the Corruption layer; however very rarely, and of course only during night-times. They tend to flee to the ground when feeling threatened and they usually avoid Caves, different from many common night creatures.

Like most ghost creatures, Ghost Leafies are non-aggressive and will often flee when player characters are approaching instead of defending themselves, and such will behave much like Keepas. Currently, ghosts creatures cannot be tamed; they can only killed and will then drop Loot Bags with random content.

Please note that Creatures seemingly have resistances and weaknesses against certain types of Swords.

According to Playful, Ghost Leafies have 100 health points and based on tests, they require 15 hits with a Twig, 10 hits with a Wood Sword, 7 hits with a Stone Sword, 3 hits with an Obsidian Sword, 2 hits with an Iron Sword, also 2 hits with a Diamond Sword or 1 hit with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

It seems like Ghost Leafies have 10 armor points.

Ghost Leafies will have to be hit around 10 times with a Wood Sword and only 1 time with a Lumite Sword to be killed.

All Ghost Creatures will randomly drop Goo, Bones, Weeds, Dead Grass, Coal (rarely), Wood Slabs (rarely), Stone Slabs (rarely), Shredded Leaves (rarely), plus these Halloween items and/or their crafting recipes:

The mininum loot of Ghost Leafies consists of only Goo, but they can also drop up to 8 stacks of loot.

Other ghost creatures appearing during Halloween event times: Ghost Pigsies, Ghost Chizzards, Ghost Mirus and Ghost Rocksters.

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