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Ghost Leafies and other Ghost Creatures appear in the (ingame-)night on solid blocks on the surface of nearly all Biomes, however only during event times like around Halloween.

Health 100 health points
Time to Tame: cannot be tamed
Attack(s): None. Ghost Creatures are flight animals
Location: all surface Biomes only during the night, only during event-times, mainly Forests, Woodlands, Grassland, Jungles

General information Edit

In 2016 Ghost Creatures like Ghost Leafies spawned during the event "Haunted Nights" that started on October 13th and ended on November 1st, but were re-instated once more for a short period afterwards to coincide with the "Festive" Season event around Christmas 2016.

They returned for the Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign event starting on October 18th 2017 with different loot than before and different hit points ever since.

During event-times players could obtain Halloween items from Ghost Leafies by killing them. Ghost Leafies could not be tamed, even when spawning "naturally".

Spawning Edit

During event-times Ghost Creatures usually show up at night times (starting around 10:37-10:47 PM) within a certain proximity around player characters.

When hit by sunlight, Ghost Leafies will start to burst into blue flames (usually in the morning that dawns around 5:12 AM) and will perish even more quickly than common Night Creatures do without leaving any trace (no Ghost Loot bag).

During event-times Ghost Leafies can also spawn on artificial biomes and on surface blocks that have been placed underground, even in the Corruption layer; however very rarely, and of course only during night-times.

Ghost Leafies can be spawned on Mob Spawners. Please note that Mob Spawners are not intended to let you "farm" infinite animal loot. Instead they are Machines that will spawn specific Creatures as a fighting challenge, intended to be used within Adventures created for other players to play.

Creatures spawned on Mob Spawners do not drop any loot and cannot be tamed. However, Adventure creators can provide the first Creature that will be spawned with customary loot that other players will then receive when killing this Creature.

Player-spawned Ghost Leafies burn and perish in sunlight (which can cause them to drop Loot Bags with all the stuff inside that players have put into the Mob Spawner inventory) and will flee from player characters that are approaching just like Ghost Leafies that "naturally" spawn during events.


Ghost Leafies are not aggressive towards player characters, but instead will flee when players are approaching, and they even won't fight back when being attacked.

Ghost Leafies cannot be "charmed" by using Fantasia De Leafi that only affects peaceful Leafies, including Mossy Leafies, Dried Leafies and Autumn Leafies.

Ghost Leafies are very well visible in the darkness even from a great distance. Since update R47 they are not bright white anymore but more blueish though, and they do not illuminate the area.

Ghost Leafies might react scared to explosions or battles happening close to them, but it is hard to tell because they constantly flee from player characters in any case.


All Ghost Creatures are non-aggressive and will usually start to flee when player characters are approaching instead of defending themselves, and such will behave much like Keepas.

According to Playful, Ghost Leafies have 100 health points and since update R47 in October 2017 (Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign Update) based on tests, they require 3 hits with any kind of weapon to be killed, no matter if with a Twig, a Wood Sword, a Stone Sword, an Obsidian Sword, an Iron Sword, a Diamond Sword or a Lumite Sword.

Since Ghost Leafies are flight animals, it is not necessary to circle them, since they won't fight back at all. If they are encountered underground, they tend to flee to the surface. If and as long as Ghost Creatures are trapped in dark places, they will not perish, but sunlight can kill them and prevent them from dropping Ghost Loot bags.

Like all other Creatures, Ghost Leafies can climb one or two blocks upwards, but not three blocks or higher without any steps, not even on worlds with low gravity (while your player character can use low gravity to jump up 5 blocks or more). Trapping strategies still might not work well currently because of the glitching bug.

You can however throw Explosives or throwable items at Ghost Leafies. Armor-Piercing Bombs are the most effective ranged weapons in general, followed by Explosive Bombs, Poison Bombs and Rimecones. Throwing Globs of Goo can only slow these Creatures down.

Better do not throw Corrupt Bombs, Freeze Bombs or Fire Bombs at any Creatures, since these Explosives inflict only a rather small amount of damage, and if Creatures should die from the elemental damage over time that these Bombs deal within a small radius around their point of impact, then the dying Creatures will not drop any Loot Bags (in case of Ghost Leafies Ghost Loot bags).

Creatures can also drown when being trapped in/under liquids for too long, and will not drop any Loot Bags / Ghost Loot bags in this case, as drowning counts as a natural death. Also traps that use heat, cold or corruption to kill Creatures will not provide you with their loot.

Loot Edit

During the Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign event in 2017, when killed, every 5th to 10th Ghost Leafi will drop a Ghost Loot bag that can randomly contain:

Loot in 2016 Edit

When killed during past events around Halloween and Christmas 2016, then the Loot Bags of Ghost Leafies would randomly contain up to 8 stacks of loot, their mininum loot consisting of only Goo.

In 2016, Ghost Creatures would randomly drop Globs of Goo, Bones, Weeds, Dead Grass, Coal (rarely), Wood Slabs (rarely), Stone Slabs (rarely), Shredded Leaves (rarely), plus sometimes one or more of these Halloween themed items and/or their crafting recipes:

Taming Edit

Currently, even "naturally" spawning Ghost Creatures cannot be tamed; they can only be killed and will then drop Ghost Loot bags with random content like listed above.

Family members Edit

Other Ghost Creatures appearing during event times like Halloween:

Ghost Leafies won't "replace" ordinary Leafies nor Night Leafies, and Leafies or Night Leafies also do not transform into Ghost Leafies. However since Leafies, Autumn Leafies, Mossy Leafies and Dried Leafies can only spawn during the day, you might not meet any when travelling at night, and you will instead come across Night Creatures only. Ghost Leafies will appear additionally to other Night Creatures like Night Leafies on the surface "naturally" during certain event-times around Halloween and Christmas. If you stay in an area where Leafies fall asleep after darkness falls, Ghost Leafies might spawn somewhere nearby sleeping Leafies in the darkness, so you can see that Leafies do not turn into Ghosts or vice versa.