Creativerse Haunted Holiday Recipe002
Creativerse Haunted Holiday Crafting001
Creativerse Gingerbread Chimneys001
Gingerbread Chimneys are decorative blocks that can be toggled to emit white-grey smoke (by pressing F). They can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q").

Gingerbread Chimneys as well as the recipe to craft these christmas-themed blocks can be found in randomly spawning Holiday Gift-boxes during the Festive Season event around Christmas. There are also player-built Adventures that let you learn these recipes.

To craft a set of 2 Gingerbread Chimney blocks, you'll need to find and learn the recipe first. Then you will need

Gingerbread Chimneys can be rotated by pressing R and the left mouse button while moving the mouse.

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