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Gingerbread Loaf is a type of Bread that can be cooked/baked in the Cooking Station since the christmas Holiday season.

This kind of bread cannot be made into Sandwiches however.

You don't need to learn any new recipes to make Gingerbread loaves, instead you can bake them by selecting the one basic recipe for all kinds of Breads in the Cooking Station.

Then insert:

Gingerbread loaves can be eaten or can be crafted into Gingerbread house blocks such as the Gingerbread Wall or Swirl Gingerbread Wall.

When consuming a Gingerbread Loaf (by putting it into a quickslot, choosing that quickslot and clicking your right mouse button or by dragging this food over your character's model on the right side of the inventory) your character will be granted a bonus of 100 points to their maximum Health for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Only one Gingerbread Loaf of a whole stack will automatically be consumed if you use a stack. If you eat more Gingerbread Loaves (by right-clicking or dragging & dropping again) than one after another, the effect of raising maximum Health will merely set/prolonged to 7:30 minutes anew.

Gingerbread could also randomly be obtained from Blizzard Chizzards, Arctic Mirus and/or Rambeaus during the christmas-season, either as a loot or harvest if they were your Pets.