Creativerse tooltips roofs 2017-06-09 14-42-16-501
Creativerse crafting recipes roofs R41,5 05
Creativerse Gingerbread Roof recipe15
Creativerse Gingerbread Roof787
Creativerse R41,5 processing corners for roofs 507
Creativerse R41,5 Roofs with inner and outer corners 38

The recipes for these christmas-themed building roof blocks can occasionally be found in randomly spawning Holiday Gift-boxes during christmas-times - like from December 14th 2015 until January 13th 2016.

To craft 8 Gingerbread Roofs at once you'll need (as of R26 in December 2015):

Since R42 in May 2017 inner and outer corners blocks can be created for Gingerbread Roofs too by putting them into a Processor. No crafting recipes are required for this.

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