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The Glider is an equipment device that enables player characters to glide through the air mainly horizontally or with a descending course, and/or to land safely when falling from high up.

Currently (as of May 2017) only players who have a "Pro"-status will automatically find the Glider in it's special equipment slot next to the character's portrait in the inventory. Players can become "Pro" players by buying the "Pro"-DLC for Creativerse directly via Steam. Early backers and players who have bought any coins for money via the Store before August 2nd 2016 have been automatically promoted to "Pro".

It is not necessary (nor advisable) to hold the key for going forward ("w" by default) to fly right away, instead the glider favours gentle steering with the mouse (unfortunately changing the "camera look sensitivity" does not make a significant difference in the very sensitive control of the Glider).

The Glider goes fastest while descending and will slow down significantly when gliding horizontally. Even without using the boost, the Glider can only soar upwards for a very brief time span and will then dip down again automatically.

This permanent equipment does not work like a plane nor a jetpack, it is a nose-heavy hang-glider that will dip down quickly if you try to soar upwards. It is not intended to grant free flight nor to "climb" trees or cliffs (even though you can manage to get up on trees of medium height with some practise if you start from a certain distance and use the boost).

It is best to start gliding from a high up place, then descending a bit to gain momentum and then carefully flying upwards only slightly again. This will grant the fastest way to travel across Creativerse gameworlds.

As mentioned the Glider has its own equipment slot to the left side of the character model (next to the inventory, to be opened by "e" as the default key) and cannot be unequipped.

The glider is a permanent equipment item - meaning: when the player character is defeated, even in Hard Mode they will not lose the Glider (it will not be dropped into any Death Statues) when respawning at their Touchstone together with it, exactly like the Flashlight.

Activate the glider to start gliding with "g" (default key, can be customized). When starting to glide, you will automatically look at your character from a 3rd-person view from behind and you cannot change this view to first person. Additional commands about how to steer will be displayed directly above the Stamina bar that will turn blue while gliding.

You can turn left and right with your usual key settings ("a" + "d" as default keys) or simply by moving your mouse left or right. You can glide downwards faster with "s" as the default key or by moving your mouse to look downwards.

You can also fly upwards for a short while by pressing "w" (forward as the default key) or by moving your mouse up to look into the sky. The boost will not let you ascend absolutely vertically, but just in a steep angle, so you cannot use it to "climb" like on a ladder.

You cannot soar very high even when using a boost with a Glider (it's not a jetpack nor a plane after all), so even when holding "w" continually, your player character will start to drop downwards all by itself. With some practise you can learn how to flare out this fall for a bit, but not completely.

You can continue to press "w" though, which will stop the descend after a few seconds and will make your glider carry your player character up once again for another brief span. If you have started your flight from a high enough place, then you won't be stopped by the ground, but you can actually continue to glide through the air in this way for a very long time, moving in a constant up-and-down wave movement, unless being stopped by an obstacle like a mountain or treetop.

To soar up higher or to go faster, you can use the booster for your Glider by pressing LeftShift (as the default key) just like for sprinting. Using this booster will use up your Stamina though until the blue Stamina bar is empty and the boost ends. You will notice that the boost won't last for long and such won't carry you very high up; so again it is advisable to start gliding from a place somewhere high up if you want to glide for a longer time.

You can throw Explosives from the air while flying with a Glider, you can open your map during the flight (also while pressing "w" continually), you can consume Potions and consumables (like Mushrooms or Food) and you can even craft (as long as you have the necessary ingredients in your backpack) while gliding.

The Stamina bar will not regenerate by itself while gliding - not before your player character has landed. When your character is back on his or her feet, the Stamina bar - now yellow once again - will start to be refilled in time like normally.

On flat ground your player character will always land safely and unscathed automatically when gliding down to the ground. However beware! If your player character should hit any obstacles while gliding, this will disrupt the flight and your player character can then drop/fall straight downwards, which will cause falling damage. Luckily in this case you can simply start gliding again by quickly pressing "g" (default key), so your player character will be able to land safely.

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