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Grumm's Temple Garden is a special flower pot with violet slightly sparkling flowers added with update R39 in February 2017. This decorative item matches the Premium Hidden Temple Theme. It cannot be found, but can be crafted from a rare Recipe.

The crafting recipe for Grumm's Temple Garden can occasionally be found in randomly spawning Diamond Treasure Chests on corrupted blocks.

According to reports this Recipe can also be obtained from Iron Treasure Chests and from any kind of Keepas as well (many of them roam the Corruption layer), mainly by killing and looting them.

To craft two Temple Gardens at a time, you'll need:

This item is purely decorative, can be placed and rotated. It doesn't require any Power Cells to be picked up, however you won't be able to take it on claims of other players or worlds where your permission level is set low.

Grumm's Temple Garden is an item designed as a memento of Mike, a well-liked Creativerse player with the nickname "RealGrumm".

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