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Gunpowder is an ingredient for nearly all Explosives that you can currently craft, except for Flares, but including Fireworks and Excavators.

You can obtain Gunpowder by:

  • finding it occasionally in Wood Treasure Chests that spawn at night on the surface and also in every other kind of Treasure Chests spawning underground in complete darkness
  • obtaining it - either as a loot or pet-harvest - from Hot Feet that can be found on the Lava layer underground or spawning on Hardened Lava or Igneous Rock in the dark
  • putting Coal into a Processor and processing it to become Gunpowder. Currently (April 2017), 1 piece of Coal will be processed into 1 unit of Gunpowder. (Pet Hot Feet now sometimes also provide Coal additionally to Gunpowder as a pet-harvest)
  • or getting it as a loot or pet-harvest from Keepas of any kind

Taking gunpowder is one of the unlocking requirements for the crafting recipes for Explosive Bombs and Stun Bombs.