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Haunted Nights is another limited time event much like the Holiday Surprise event. This event is themed around Halloween.

A new Blueprint was added: the Haunted House. This Blueprint is not a temporary but a permanent offer in the Blueprint TAB (next to the inventory/bag, craft and map TABs).

During this event, ghost versions of Creatures such as Ghost Leafies, Ghost Pigsies, Ghost Chizzards, Ghost Mirus or Ghost Rocksters appear at night (a little later than 10:43 PM) and will perish in sunlight like common night creatures. These ghosts are non-aggressive, won't defend themselves and will often flee when player characters approach.

Ghosts cannot be tamed, but when killed, they will randomly drop Goo, Bones, Weeds, Dead Grass, Coal (rarely), Wood Slabs (rarely), Stone Slabs (rarely), Shredded Leaves (rarely), plus these Halloween items and/or their crafting recipes:


R35 Update

It is possible to obtain and learn these recipes when visiting other players on their worlds or playing a player-created adventure that offers these recipes (as of May 2017).

Please note that you can spawn ghost creatures with a Mob Spawner too, but in this case the spawned non-tameble ghosts will not provide you with any crafting recipes when killed, unless players have put such recipes into the inventory of the Mob Spawner.

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