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The Healing Beacon is an important item with many purposes:

  • for one thing it is a beacon with a beam of green light that shines all the way up into the sky even up from the deepest layers of any Creativerse-world.
  • it also can heal player-characters slowly over time if they touch the Healing Beacon (like by standing on top of it or very close next to it).
  • plus it can purify 2 corrupted blocks sideways, 2 blocks down, 2 blocks up, and 1 block crossways each.

+ purifying Corrupted Water (by placing the Healing Beacon into or next to it) will turn it into healing Mineral Water in the same range as corrupted blocks will be purified.

The Healing Beacon currently cannot be obtained from any Creatures nor can it be found in Treasure Chests. It can only be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q") or at Crafting Tables (that still exist in older worlds).

To unlock the crafting recipe for Healing Beacons it is necessary to:

To craft 2 Healing Beacons at once you'll need (as of R34 in September 2016):

Healing Beacons can be placed in the world, and then can be switched on / off by activating them ("f" as the default key) or using the right mouse button while pointing the cursor at them. They can be rotated and then their beam of light will be sent sideways or downwards. This way it can be used to help you with building larger constructions like any beacon.

Since R32 you won't need to equip any Power Cells to pick up any kind of crafted objects or blocks that have been placed into the world. Of course you won't be able to take these on Claims of other players (or in worlds) where your permission level is set low. The Healing Beacon can also be set to "just me" by using a Wiring Tool in any game world.

To pull / take Healing Beacons you won't need to have any Power Cells equipped.

Wiring Input Icon
Healing Beacons can be wired up with activation devices like Switches, Number Pads or Pressure Plates. Doors will then serve as receivers and can either be opened or closed. Their interactivity can be toggled and defined with permission settings.

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