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Health is a characteristic of player characters as well as of all Creatures in Creativerse that is measured by health points (displayed for player characters on the red bar on the bottom of the screen right above the quickbar since R41) and marks the difference between virtually "healthy" and a defeated state of the player toon/avatar and creature.

Health points are a positive number intrinsic for every entity that, when it reaches zero, the entity is defeated.

The maximum amount of health points can temporarily be raised for player characters by consuming Crops like Turnips or Crisphead Lettuce, or most types of cookable Food made from Crops, Liquids and/or other ingredients, mainly Sandwiches, except for Corrupted Sandwiches.

Health points can be subtracted by

  • damage inflicted by hits landed by nother entities (players in PvP or Creatures during fights),
  • Explosion damage from many types of Explosives like TNT or Explosive Bombs. Also Force Bombs and even Stun Bombs inflict a certain amount of damage to health too,
  • falling from heights - the longer the fall, the higher the damage will be,
  • staying in liquids like Water, Molasses, Tar or Bog Water for longer than 40 seconds (as of May 8th 2017) will then start to inflict damage over time when the drowning scale is completely filled with blue color; also Creatures can drown when staying in these liquids for too long
  • burning when touching liquid Lava (except for a few Creatures that seem to be immune)
  • being corrupted when touching Corrupted Water
  • environmental hazards like Fire when standing on/close to Hardened Lava for too long, Freezing when staying on/close to cold blocks like Snow or Ice or on a high altitude (high up in the sky) for too long, or Corruption when staying on/close to corrupted blocks of any kind. Environmental hazards are indicated by according scales being displayed, and after they've filled, damage over time will be taken by player characters. Environmental hazards can also damage Creatures
  • elemental damage over time inflicted by certain Creatures (Poison by Feral Pigsies and Mossy Leafies, Fire by Hot Feet and Warmworms, Corruption by most corrupted Creatures, Cold by Arctic Mirus, Blizzard Chizzards and Rambeaus)
  • elemental damage over time inflicted by Explosives will hurt Creatures (Freeze Bombs, Corrupt Bombs, Poison Bombs, Fire Bombs). Currently players cannot damage their own player characters with these Explosives
  • consuming corrupted Food (causes a temporarily decrease of maximum Health points),
  • Mineral Water and Healing Beacons can damage corrupted Creatures, but will heal all other Creatures and player characters. Purification Bombs can damage corrupted Creatures too, but they do not heal other Creatures nor player characters

When health points have been reduced, their regeneration (healing) over time can be achieved by standing/moving in or very close to Mineral Water or touching Healing Beacons as mentioned (except for corrupted Creatures). Both healing measures will continue to slowly raise the reduced health points until their maximum is reached or a distance is taken from the healing liquids/objects.

Player characters can also be healed over time by consuming Mushrooms (up to 320 health points in 15 seconds), Health Regeneration Potions and/or several Food types cooked with Mineral Water and/or Mushrooms as ingredients. The currently available 3 types of Mushrooms have their own seperate cooldowns of 15 seconds each (since May 2017).

Player characters can instantly be healed by consuming Basic Health Potions (250 health points) and/or Advanced Health Potions (600 health points). Both types of Potions have their own seperate cooldowns.

Since May 2017, sleeping in Beds (also Red Beds, Blue Beds or Yellow Beds) can heal up player characters to full health.

Some kinds of health point subtraction can be reduced by armor points or resistance potions.

Crafted armor currently only protects against hits taken from Creatures and other player characters, not from any other type of damage. Creatures have armor points too, for example all types of Rocksters, so Armor-Piercing Bombs can inflict more damage to them than common Explosive Bombs.

Poison Resistance Potions will reduce the damage taken from poisonous special attacks that Feral Pigsies and Mossy Leafies can perform by half.

Fire Resistance Potions will reduce the environmental hazard effects of hot blocks (mainly Hardened Lava on the Lava layer underground) by 90% and the Fire damage taken from liquid Lava, Hot Feet and/or Warmworms by half.

Corruption Resistance Potion will reduce the environmental hazard effects of corrupted blocks (mainly on the Corruption layer deep undergrond) by 90% and the Corruption damage taken from Corrupted Water and/or by most corrupted Creatures by half.

Freeze Resistance Potions will reduce the environmental hazard effects of high altitudes and cold blocks (mainly in snow-covered Biomes like snowy Mountains, frozen Oceans, Tundras, Taigas, frozen plains and snow-sprinkled Canyons) by 90% and Cold damage inflicted by Arctic Mirus, Blizzard Chizzards and Rambeaus by half.

Healing Beacons and Purification Bombs can transform Corrupted Water into healing Mineral Water, and corrupted blocks into their uncorrupted pendants.

Freeze Bombs can cool down liquid Lava to become Hardened Lava, and blocks of Hardened Lava to become Igneous Rocks.

Freezing environmental hazard can be counteracted by placing at least 3 torches on the ground or placing objects that feature open fire like Fire Pits or Campfires and standing on them.

In general, taking a distance from blocks that induce environmental damage will make the according scale drop. For example, platforms that are being built between bottom and ceiling of the Corruption layer can allow player characters to lower their Corruption meters while taking breaks.


  • The player has a base health of 1000.
  • Corruption damage does ca. 50 health points per second
  • Fire damage does ca. 50 health points per second