Creativerse Ice010
Creativerse Ice to Slopes in Processor
Creativerse Icy Plane Ocean002
Creativerse Ice block119
Creativerse Icy waterfall140
Creativerse Ice Tip Stone Mining Cell R24 001

Ice blocks can be found in frozen oceans or frozen rivers underneath a short ("stompable") layer of Snow, in caves in Peakstone mountains, or other high elevations or cold areas where Water can occasionally freeze. They require a stone mining cell to collect.

Ice blocks can be processed into 2 Ice Slopes with a Processor.

Also, ice blocks can be obtained by freezing water at an in game average temperature of ~ -8° (temperature can be measured by typing in the chat /temperature). While biome and altitude aren't necessary factors in order to obtain it, temperatures can only be reduced by a limited amount (about 45 degrees), so player-made ice chambers can be created to farm ice given a low enough starting temperature.

Ice blocks are considered an easily renewable block

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