Creativerse Ice to Slopes in Processor
Creativerse R24 1871
Creativerse ice slopes on lava layer49
Creativerse Ice slopes sturdier than ice010
Creativerse Ice block001
Creativerse Frozen desert ice falls100
Creativerse Tundra and ice100

Ice Slopes can easily be made by putting blocks of Ice in a Processor; one block of Ice can be cut into 2 blocks of Ice Slopes each.

Ice Slopes do not melt currently (as of R29 in February 2016) in hot biomes, not even on the Lava layer. So they can be used to make rinks and "Ice railways" to slide all over any Creativerse world powered by Fans.

Ice can be found in frozen Ocean biomes and frozen rivers, often hidden underneath a short ("stompable") layer of Snow, but sometimes also in the form of cataracts of frozen water.

If the environment is cold enough (which can be artificially managed by placing a number of Ice blocks together) Water or Bog Water can be dropped on cold blocks to make it freeze into Ice - infinitive if you let the liquid flow down from above where it should be warmer. As the temperature gets colder on high altitudes Water will also freeze there. Mind that wherever it's cold enough to freeze Water, also a freeze-scale will show up that will fill itself with white color, and upon being full will start to hurt the player-character with freezing damage over time.

Just like Ice, Ice Slopes also require at least a Stone Mining Cell to be equipped to collect them from the world.

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